Thursday, July 12, 2012

Team Ashiyana: Need your help to save humanity in North Waziristan

Dear Friends, اسلام و علیکم 

Team Ashiyana is working for the Victims of War on Terror in North Waziristan. The details of team members are as;

Team Ashiyana "A" Data Khel, North Waziristan:
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi (Team Incharge)
Fesal Bhai (Incharge food and others)
Rabia Mehsood Khan (Incharge Women wing)
Mansoor Bhai (Incharge Children & education project)
Asmata Ullah Jan (Incharge Medical camp & medicine supply)
Subhan Bari (Volunteer)
Bilal Mehsood (Volunteer)
Akram Bhai (Volunteer)
Akbar Ali (Volunteer)
Faria Jamal Niazi (Volunteer)
Hashim Raza (Volunteer)
Kabir Khan (Volunteer)
Jamshed Ali (Volunteer)
Soha Akbar Khan (Volunteer, Para Medic)
Dr Safia Khan (General Physician)

Team Ashiyana "B" is on stand by here at Peshawar:
Syeda Faryal Zehra (Volunteer)
Kazim Bhai (Volunteer)
Rehmatulla Jan (Voulnteer)
Sufwan Marwat (Volunteer)
Areb Bhai (Volunteer)
Mansoor Ahmad bhai (Volunteer)
Kashif Khan (Volunteer)
Dr Asif (Volunteer)
Dr Sajida Ismail khan (Volunteer)

Working in North Waziristan:
Volunteer of Team Ashiyana 'A' North Waziristan are working on different sector to resotre the life of the peoples of North Waziristan with its maximum efforts. Our main targets are;
  • To serve peoples of North Waziristan (specially children & Women) with our free medical camp's service.
  • To supply food stuff (Raw meterial) to the families. (who never have any support or resources to get butter and bread to live)
  •  A Masjid and Madarsa project in Data Khel, for the children to get knowledge of Modern studies as well as a true sense of Islam (Insha ALLAH). We are managing books, teachers, raw material for it.
  • Cloths supply (If available)

Team Ashiyana Work in last two week (s):
Volunteer of Team Ashiyana are facing many problems in working with the victims, the main issue is security, Taliban and others elements are growing rapidly in remote areas of North Waziristan and with the help of locals they are not going to allow us to work for the Sick and suffering peoples.  Another problem is Drone Attacks without any warning. last week Team Ashiyana was just save from it, (May ALLAH save Team Ashiyana & innocent peoples from these kind of the massive attacks - Ameen)

  • Team Ashiyana had managed two medical camps close to Data Khel - North Waziristan for the infected children (s) and women (s). We served about 300 poeples in these medical camp with essential medicines and others. Last camp was failed as Team Ashiyana has no more medicine with them there.  
  • Food supply is not in proccess due to lack of fundings and the shopkeeper are not going to give us credit any more. We are already defaulter of credit by Rs. 1,35000/=
  • A few cloth stuff supplied into the kids and women during the medical camp activity at Data Khel - North Waziristan.
Right now Team Ashiyana 'A' North Waziristan does not have any medicines with them for the next medical camp as well as they need a huge quantity of medicine for all ages and peoples. With the fresh drinking water as many diseases are growing up with local water.

Team Ashiyana Requirement (Urgently)
We (Team Ashiyana 'B')  recieved a list of urgent required items it has been posted earlier but for the friends it is again here.
  • Medicines for all ages (specially for children and women). for our upcoming medical camp. List of medicines can be given at on the personal demand.
  • Mineral Water in huge quantity.
  • Food stuff (List can be find on our earlier post)
  • Clothes only for children and women.
  • Islamic literature, Books and stationary for our Masjid and Madarsa Project.
  • Raw Meterial for the construction of Masjid in Data Khel. 
We are requesting to all of our friends, family members and readers that help us (Team Ashiyana) to save our children (s) and future of Pakistan, To save humanity, to save Pakistan. People of North Waziristan are waiting for your help and aid. 

For the furhter details please contact at on the following

Or sms / call us at
+92 345 297 1618

Or Visit our link:

Or for online funding:

Ms. Badar un Nissa.
A/c # 0100-34780.
United Bank Limited.
Gulistan e Joher Branch. (1921)
Karachi, Pakistan.

May ALLAH Gives you Agr - e - Azeem for your efforts and prayers, Ameen.
Jazak ALLAH Kher
Team Ashiyana 'B' Peshawar,
Team Ashiyana for North Waziristan.