Monday, September 12, 2011

Appeal for the victims of Rain & Flood in Sindh - Pakistan

Assalam O Alikum

We are very thankful for your call, email and text messages regarding our work for the flood victims in Sindh.
Yes, we are on the ground to work for our brother & sister who are badly effected from flood and heavy raining in the region.

Here is a list of the urgent required items for the Ashiyana team for Sindh. as well as a short details of our area of working at here.

Team Member:
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi +92 333 342 6031
Mansoor Ahmed +92 345 297 1618
Syeda Faryal Zehra +92 313 279 8085
Faisal Ahmed +92 323 846 6089
Ahmed Zuberi +92 342 265 0964

Dr. Shaista (Hyderabad)
Dr. Ajmal (Hyderabad)
Ali Abrar (Karachi)
Majid Siddiqui (Karachi)
Ovais (Hyderabad)
Farah (Karachi)
Meesam Rizvi (Karachi)
Ahmer Zaman (Waziristan)
Rohail Akhter (Waziristan)
Husan Ara Begum (Karachi)

We are located on main Badin Thata Highway, Dist; Badin. Sindh.

What we are doing here:
We are facing the shortage of funds so we are unable to do much as we wants. But at our start we are supplying the mineral water to the victims who are coming from effected areas and medicines as first aid.

What we have:
Mineral water (1-liter bottle). Qty: 3500.
Medicines: Worth of Rs. 48,000/= (Forty Eight Thousands only)
Food: Just a few of carton of Biscuits, 50kg of dates only.

What we wants:
Mineral water: Qty. Unlimited (as nothing for drink here)
Medicines: All kind of the medicines (especially for the Ladies and Children)
Tent: At least 50 tents at the moment. (in this stage)
Food Stuff: As much as we can manage with our volunteers.
Clothes: For all ages (only for ladies and children).

Dear Bro,
We are nothing, this doesn't mean that we have nothing. we have a good skills to manage these kind of the situation as we have had a huge experience of work in these kind of the situation in last years.

I'm very much sure that we can mange easily more then 1000 victims of heavy rain and flood in Sindh. But it is not possible for us without your help. A thousands of hundred peoples are suffering in this area, escaping are on the way, none is sure that how much peoples, cities and villages need to be escape and how to manage that huge number of the peoples.

We are begging you that do not leave them alone, as they are all human and need our special care & attention. I am here with all of the available stuff which we collected for Ashiyana Camp Waziristan. Our waziri's bro and sis had asked me to go Sindh and help our brother n sisters in this time.

Bro, once again, we are not looking for your money, your wealth your earning. We are looking just a few of the things from you, if you can help us with the clothes, with the medicines, with the food stuff or any other. So, please contact any one of us. we will try our level best to distribute your things as soon as possible.

A list of the urgent required items you can see on the above lines which will help you that how can you help us.

Hope to hear from you soon, as no time is left to give help of these victims otherwise our time will be end.

Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi
Team Ashiyana for the victims of the Rain & Flood - Sindh. Pakistan.


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