Tuesday, September 20, 2011

List of the Urgent Required Medicines. (urgent response required)

Assalam O Alikum,

A shortlist of the medicines required for the flood victims in Badin Sindh.
Here is an email with the shortlisted medicines which immediately required for the victims of the flood.

Once again, we are not is in the position to purchased heavy amount of these medicines but we are in try to give all of our output to medicated in first hand to the victims who are visiting us.

List of the medicines.
Calpol, Septran, Mucane, Ulsanic, Gestofil, Gravinate, Marzine, Promethazine, Flyzol / Flygel, Panadol, Ponstan Fort.
Augmenten, Velosef, Amoxil etc

Panadol Cf / Extra, Ponstan Fort, Peracetamol, Flygel, Bascopan, Lomotive, Marzin, Trisil / Gelosil, Gravinate, Rijix, Metodine, D.F, Velsosef, Augmenten, Amoxil etc


O.R.S, Peditral Water, Dexta Drips, T.T, Dyclo, Pain killer injections.

Cotton, Bandage, Pyodine, Syringes, etc.

Brother, the above mentioned medicines are required at on the urgent basis, as we are purchasing them from our resources but they are all very limited the status of donations and funding is also not very good here. We don't know what are poeple awaiting for. As they are not interested to give relief to the victims.

Now, we are making a plane to start a bheek mission in Karachi and Hyderabad. may with this we can get some more donations for the victims.

An urgent response is awaiting for. "If anyone there who can arrange these medicines for our medical camp."

A team member of Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Friends.
Team Ashiyana for the relief efforts for the victims pf the flood in Badin. Sindh.