Monday, October 07, 2013

Syed Adnan Ali Volunteer: Report of Relief work For Earthquake Victims in Awaraan, Baluchistan. Pakistan

Respected Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

Assalam O Alikum

Earthquake victims of Awaraan, Baluchistan are having a lot of problems and issues, they don;t have drinking water, facing shortest of food stuff and medicines.

You're all requesting to give your hand and help these effected peoples who are in trouble and need our help and assistance.

What you can do?
If you are in Pakistan and close to Baluchistan, can make your own team of the social workers, collect things specially Drinking water, Raw food stuff and Medicines. Contact with your local D.H.O (Dist; head quarter of Armed forces) and ask them about your social mission. They will allocated you an specific area of working under there guidance or will help you out to be there at Awaraan, Baluchistan.

What the role of Others?
In last week of our working with the earthquake victims in Awaraan, Baluchistan. I've never seen or noticed any national or International N.G.O at the site. The one and only reason is security. As some of the organizations wants to work at there but still not allowed by the security forces due to security reasons.
In that case, you can directly help the earthquake victims by visit of AID Collecting pints made by Armed forces.

My Experience:
I'd work in Awaraan since 27th of Sepetember till last day, and have some bad experience with the local power's. A few of Politicial figures wanted to be a part of this social mission, they want that things must given to them and they will supply as according to themselves. Forces have a very limited working area'ws as they already facing very troubles due to security reasons in Awaraan, Baluchista.

P.S Full detail will be published shortly.

Aid / Items Urgently seeking by the earthquake victims:
One and most important priority is continuously supply of fresh drinking water to about 40,000 (Forty thousands) earthquake victims:
Including children, women and men. Still not seen any effort by any N.G.O. (national or International) or by any government department, all are busy in calculations and the name of number (Shame). None of any single television channel is covering regularly there condition in front of the nation and world to do something, (Shame).
Only jawans of Armed forces are in try to help them out.

Food Stuff:
As all earthquake victims has lost there homes including all stoke of food.

Not only medicines, but doctors and nurses (male and female) also.
Infant, children's, women and old age having health issues, specially for the pregnant women. 

Others Items:
Tent, Shelter's, Clothes (children, women and men),  items of daily usage is required in large amount.

 What We have done in last week?
 A team of about 10 volunteers from Karachi, Hyderabad, Jakobabad, Zoob, Gawadar and Awaraan, did try it's level best with all of available sources in last week.

Drinking Water Supply:
We supplied about 4,800 liter of water (one liter of drinking water pack) into 1000 victims of earthquake in Awaraan and Basheek Areas.

Food Stuff:
Raw food stuff into 170 victims of Earthquake in Awaraan, Baluchistan.

Medical Camp:
A free Medical Camp with the help and under the assistance of District Awaraan Hospital, Baluchistan. Have medicated about 300 victims of Earthquake.

A few of volunteer are still in Awaraan, Baluchistan and ready for any kind of the physical assistance and help for the earthquake victims in remote area's and also ready to work with any N.G.O or Social group who have AID and Items for earthquake victims.

Me and another volunteer have back from Awaraan, Baluchistan here in Karachi to collect donations, and urgent required items for our effected brothers and sisters of Awaraan, Baluchistan.

For the further details please contact:
+92 333 342 6031
+92 345 297 1618

  • I'd try my level best to capture a few of moment of our social work / relief work for the earthquake victims, but didn't allow by the security forces and local authorities at yet.
  • Also contacted with a few of well known N.G.O (s) for our help and assistance, but still not positive response.

All of the friends, family members and human who believe on humanity are requesting for the urgent help and assistance of our earthquake effected brothers and sister of Baluchistan as they really need our hand of courage and help / Relief works.

Volunteer of Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi Releif Team for Earthquake Victims of Awaraan, Baluchistan