Thursday, February 25, 2010

Situationof the Waziristan, Aorakzai Agency, Malakand

Assalam O Alikum Wr Wb.

I am collecting the data from all of the our beloved volunteers who are working in the several effected areas independently as well as from local NGO’s about the current situation of the effected areas, IDP’s & operations. This will be publish soon Insha ALLAH.

Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi

Waziristan Victims (The worse situation)

My dear Brother, Sisters & Friends.

Assalam O Alikum Wr WB.

With the name of ALLAH Almighty, I was on my serving areas of Southern Waziristan about for a month, and back on last Monday. Many of the friends are looking for my comments and some new news insight from the war areas. I am not there to take some kind of the breaking news for the nation or a kind of thrill or adventure.

In very short, after a heavy rainfall and snowing, there are hundreds of the people how already been in suffer due to war on terror facing terrible problems.

Ashiyana Camp, itself also facing a very worse condition as ever we had. At the moment our all food stuff has finished tents are out of the order more then 300 peoples are now living without a proper shelters, in which many of the under viral infections, flue, cough n cold. The condition of the others camps are also similar like our.

I am begging from all of the Pakistani nations, that please please please help these peoples in this terrible time they are not others, nor anti-Pakistani. They are also Pakistani and being a Pakistani they are looking to us. Beside everything, the criticism, taunting each others this is the time to face the problems with these friends.

“ Yahan k halat ke bare mai agr kuch likhna shuru karoon tu pairon k neeche sy zameen nikal jai gee, halat buhat tezi sy kharab howe hain, kiun k yahan tu loog wese he tents, ya school ya kisi bhi tarha k shade k bagair reh rahe hain aur abh ess barish, aur snowfall ny sardi mai buhat ziada ezafa kar dia hy, jiss ke wajha sy yahan abh life aur bhi mushkil ho chuki hy. Mai ye kabhi bhi nahi kahon gaa k aap loog meri maddad karain, ya mujhe kuch dain, Pakistan k har city mai Army depot hain, har city mai Edhi trust hai, har city mai local social organizations hain, aap un k through yahan k logon k liye jo chahai bhijwa sakte hain, mere nazdeek sabh sy behtreen zarya Pakistan Army hai, kiun k Army wale buhat tarteeb aur tareeqe sy logon ke maddad karte hain, Mai tu yahan buss ek worker ke tarha kaam kar raha hon, aur apni zaat sy jahan jahan aur jis jis ko faida puhancha sakta hon puhancha raha hon. ALLAH pak ny hum sabh ko buhat kuch dia hy, ye sabh essi dunya mai rehne wala nahi hy, hum jitni bhaag dour, pareshanian apni es dunya ke zindagi ko sahi aur seedha karne k liye utha rahe hain uss sy kahi ziada important humari wo zindagi hy jo humare marne k baad shuru honi hai, aur humare har har amal, sooch, fiker aur kaam ka hisab hum ko humare ane wali zindagi maidena hoga. Jo sahi kare gaa uss ko sahi ajr milna hy aur jo galat kare gaa uss ka silla bhi galat he hona hy.”

ALLAH ke zaat, buhat he rehem aur karam farmane wali hy, nahi tu ek he mulk mai ek he govt k under jahan Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad jese cities hain jahan har tarha ka aram aur sahoolat moujood hy wahin Ye waziristan, Malakand, Sawat, Aorazai k loog hain jo rooti k ek tukre ko taras rahe hain, jo beemar hain mgr dawa nahi le sakte, kiun k yahan medicines hain kahan? Gher nahi hain tents jo toot photo chuke hain reh rahe hain, akhir etna farakh kiun kar?
Kya hum hamesha ke tarhan Govt ya kisi international Aid ka wait karte rahain gy jo milti tu zaroor hai magr taqsem kin logon mai hoti hai ess ka koi pata nahi.

Mai sirf appeal he kar sakta hon, with all of the respect. K Khuddara enn logo k sath hamdardi sy paish aye, enn ka zarooriayt ka khayal karain. Yahan shyada abh bhook maran shuru ho jai ya loog bemariun sy marna shuru ho jain, kahi esa na ho k enn sabh halat ko dekhte howe ye loog jo already apne aap ko murder samjhne lage hain ek nai Taliban force na bana dalain jin ka maqsad na jee sake tu jeene bhi nahi dain gy ho.

Here’s is a short list of those items which are urgently required in these areas:
1. Warm wearing clothes for all ages
2. Warm blankets etc
3. Shoes, chappal for all ages
4. Food stuff, (Flour, Rice, Sugar, Tea, Spices, Beans etc)
5. Medicines (Cough, Cold, Fever, Antibiotics etc)
6. Kerosene oil, wood or coal etc

My dear friends,
Many of the viewers, readers wants to know that how to send the items as I demanded or required on the blog or by phone call or by txt messages. I have already given you a very easiest way to send the items. Whatever you want to send Ashiyana just put all of the items in a carton (big-small-medium) depend on the items capacity, do write the name on upper side Ashiyana Group for Waziristan. And give it to any one Army depot or Edhi trust both. The things will reach us as soon as they can supply. Another hand e-mail us or send us a txt message at on the given numbers any one of the volunteer from your respective city will collect the things from you door step or if you like to give them on there door steps.

Note: I am available in Peshawar till 28th February 2010. You can find me on the road as I am doing bheek mission here.

ALLAH hum sabh ka hamio Nazir ho. (amen)
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Team

Monday, February 22, 2010

Say What They Wants to Hear!

With the name of ALLAH Almighty
 Assalam O Alikum!
 With the name of ALLAH Almighty, after a month I am writing these words for my friends. I have got many of the emails, SmS messages, Phone calls and peoples comments that what is the current situation of the war areas, what are people doing there, how the are living? How they feel at now? What is the current strategy of Law enforcement agencies? Etc.

I don’t know how to reply them. How to give a proper answer? As I am still looking to know the correct positions of these areas, as far as I were in the war Areas, many of the areas are still no go areas for the civilians and journalist.

About me and my team, we are also unable to get access those areas where the Drone are attacking in a proper ways, where the Pak-Us forces are striking together. May our honorable Minister of Interior be able to tell the truth to the nation as everybody is looking on his face for the truth? Being a Pakistani civilian nothing is good here. Nothing is going on its perfect way. Innocent peoples are dying b/w two of the war partners. After spending one and half year in this area still I am thinking which kind of this war going on in our beloved country. I agreed very much with Zahid Hamid philosophy & theory, the whole nation need to be together beside what others are doing. We do need to work on education, health, social awareness in this area. How miserable this is to see that half of the country is going on the fastest life style track and other half still living under the old laws which made by human hands. NWFP has its own culture, tone, language, and we are talking about the war of terror, where is the terror here, still looking for that terror. I wants to face the terror by my self, want to ask that terror why only Pakistan and why only these areas of the region? Why Drone are going to attack in our areas regularly, Last week a very hard week for northern Waziristan, Oarakzai agency & Dara Adam Khail, where Drone is coming on regular basis and hitting the civilizations on proper order. I also heard that another (TTP) Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsood killed or die near to Multan (Punjab). How amazing news is this. Can anyone believe that Mehsud had crossed many of the check post in that bad health and condition? I have noticed many of the time that “no doubt Hakimullah was attacked and seriously injured in a drone attack at the Northern Waziristan but after that nobody knows that he has been shifted at Oarakzai agency, Afghanistan or any other suitable location. Still his death is not confirmed. I repeat Hakimullah Mehsud death is not confirmed yet. Might this is another a strategy of TTP to open this news. As per my personal information he is in very serious condition but he is facing death scene of his life. Doctors and others are in try to save his life but nobody is sure about his current condition how long he will survive. Leave this. What will be next if Hakimullah Mehsud hide or die? Another highest Taliban commander will take command of TTP and the war will continue on its route.

So, what about the TTP, Terrorist, and what about those innocent who are disorder, displaced in this war. Where is the UN, WHO, Human Rights Champions, Media Giant, NGO’s, Special Commission on terror, Government & with respect and honor Law enforcement agencies? Who is going to look after these peoples who are living without any hope, they don’t have there homes, and I think there’s no hope to live within. So, is that the effect or after effect of the war. What a great sham on us being a nation, at one side we are saying that we are most of the aware, social, humble, united nation of this region and another hand what is going on with the thousands of the peoples of this area. If I will write the fact and figure of the locations nobody believe on this. This is very easy to talk on the matters inside the studios, or within high security officials, but very hard to find to talk with those who are victims of these areas.

“Ashiyana” have made many of the invitation to the local media as now we believe that the agenda of international media is similar like the agenda of Allied forces, International media is one of the best propaganda incharge of these Allied forces, but very sorry to find that our local media has its own benefits to write or presents on there respective news papers or channels. It has been also noticed that Pakistani news channel are playing a very great role to engage the nation on the issues, now there is no need to watch Hollywood drama or the popular star TV dramas the channels are playing well role to give all of the entertainment at once in all kind of the talk shows or infotainment programs as well as the written articles of different writers also playing the same role so there’s no role to read or write fiction, comedy, thrill books.

What to say on next. I once again requesting with respect with all of the media officials, writers, producers, directors, presenters, that please come in this area where nobody wants to go, leave the security matter as we believe that live or die is the faith of every Muslim.  Why everybody is scared to come in this area, why the are just depended some of the self made writers or shopkeeper to send them news in which many are not in proper orders. Thousands of the peoples are still living without home. And f you have a heart and mind to think about this so feel which kind of the disaster is waiting to arise in coming days. Where they people can go. They are living like goats or other pats into cages. Nobody is allow to move our from there cages. They have very limited food to eat, no medication, no hospitality, and no education but live like pats or animals. Say what the powerful wants to hear. What is this?

Friends, I think I am getting emotional.. I will continue with the same a day after Insha ALLAH.