Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bheek Mission Lahore

Assalam O Alikum,
After spending 15 days with the Ashiyana (Waziristan), I feel like to make more suitable arrangements for the IDP's as there's too cold in this war area. Hundreds of the peoples are facing many problems with them self like food, medication, and warm clothes. Specially children's, who never knew how to live in tents, how to live in school buildings are facing many disease in this cold weather, There is a huge need of proper medicines which can help the doctor to save the IDP's from Flue, Typhoid, Viral infections etc.

One of my friend and very active member of Adnan & Group, Incharge financial affairs Mansoor Ahmed visited Lahore on last week on the bheek mission. He was there to get medicines, Clothes, food stuff. He has informed me that he got the following stuff: in three days of stay. The places he visited for the Bheek mission are, Shahi Mosque, Data Darbar, Railway Station, Anarkali Bazar, Ichra, Gulberg, Liberty chock, Fort race & DHA Park.  
The following stuff are given by the peoples:
General Items:
1. Kids pants, ages 3-6, Quantity :5
2. Winter Flees jackets, ages 3-6: Qty: 5
3. Baby snow suit, Qty:2
4. Boy snow suit with snow jacket &
    snow paints, age 7-8, Qty: 2
5. Winter flees caps & gloves, ages 2-6, Qty: 5
6. Reguler clothes for babies / girls ages 2-10, Qty: 35 (qamees, shalwar, ropata)
7. Reguler clothes for baba / boys, ages 5-12, Qty:10 (qameez, shalwar)
8. Warm baby suit, ages 1-2, Qty: 4
9. Underwear & leggings, ages 2-10, Qty: several
10. Kids shoes, 9 pairs.
11. Male shoes, 12 pairs
12. female shoes, 10 pairs.

Ponstan Tablet, Qty: 100 strips
Strepsil Tablet, Qty: 50 strips
Cafkol Tablet, Qty: 50 strips
Panadol Extra Tablet, Qty: 50 strips
Panadol Tablet, Qty: 50 strips
Amoxil Syrup, Qty: 25 bottles
Amoxil Capsules, Qty: 500 tablets
Ulsanic Syrup, Qty 35 bottles
Lomotive Tablet, Qty 50 strips
Mucaine Syrup, Qty 50 bottles
Other Tablets, 178 strips
Other Syrups, 86 bottles
Other Capsules, 250 Capsules

Food Stuff:
Biscuits, Qty 5 cartons of 5kg
(several types)
Chips etc, Qty 2 carton of 2kg
(several types)
Flour (atta), Qty 100kg
Rice (chawal), Qty 38kg
Suger (Shakkar), Qty 10kg
Tea (chai), Qty 3kg
Spices (several), Qty 2kg
Beans (daalain), Qty 5kg
Others, Qty: 1 carton of 2kg.

Money (currency).
Amount in Pak Ruppes, 6786/= (in cash)
Amount in other currency, (Nil)

Money transfer by Account / Western Union:
(Yet, not any kind of the money transfer have found in this month till today, 21 January 2010

Other Money Transfer:

I am very much thankful to Lahore for this huge favor. As I said many times that I am not looking for the quantities but looking for prayers (dua) from all over the world. ALLAH gives the Agr-e-azeem to all who donated things and money & also who never participated but they have sympathy for the IDP's of war areas.

I therefore, insured all of the friend that every thing will be distribute with neat and clean way. As We believe on serve humanity not to serve our selves.

Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi

Assistance for Waziristan IDP's

As the South Waziristan operation progresses, both sides can be seen hurling allegations and claims of repulsing the advances of the other.

However, one thing that remains undisputed is the heart wrenching difficulties and problems that the IDPs of these areas are facing, and will further have to face until Waziristan is cleared of the militants. It has been noted by many that the humanitarian response to these IDPs has definitely not been as impressive as that of the overwhelming response given to those of Malakand. Many reasons could be attributed to the response of all concerned, including the civil society.

One of the reasons maybe that most official sources indicate that the suicide bombers are coming from Waziristan; and in addition to this, the currently precarious security situation as a result of the numerous suicide bombings has left many residents hesitant in taking in strangers, especially those with the last name ‘Mehsud’. In the same vein, the administration in Bannu has claimed to have instructed the people not to rent out any vacant place to the IDPs for the sake of security. Other than that, it has been reported that the migrants from the Agency have been complaining that locals in areas such as D. I. Khan are refusing to assist them, if not showing downright hostility. The misperception is that all those arriving from those areas are involved in terrorist activities. According to reports, the local police have also been given orders to keep an eye on those arriving in the settled areas, as many are believed to be “supporters of the Taliban.”

Needless to say that the government must play its role in not only addressing the issues of the IDPs, but bringing about general awareness within the larger community concerning the needs of these displaced Pakistanis and how the people can help them in their individual and collective capacities. At the moment, the government seems content in towing the line that the tribesmen don’t need the government’s help because they are fiercely independent and would prefer to live with host families as per their traditions. However, the government cannot escape from the obligations of providing them all necessary help, by citing lack of resources or tribal customs as reasons for not being as proactive as it should be. Even if the tribesmen prefer to stay with host families, the government must ensure that they have a place to stay and the basic necessities are available. So, the tribesmen who are not willing to stay with host families will have a place to go, and if they instead stay with a host family, at least the government would be ready for any future eventuality that may arise due to the unseemly and unpredictable environment persisting at the moment.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Assalam O Alikum Brother's & Sisters.

Today, I am visiting Peshawar City to get some food stuff, clothes, medicines etc for Ashiyana Camp II, Waziristan. This is a kind of bheek (Bagging) mission, we are visiting Mosques, Roads, Localities etc to get the things, Many are here who are asking what is happening at Waziristan and IDPs & unfortunately I dont have the words to tell them what is happening there. Hundreds of the peoples are living without shelters, proper food many of them are suffering from several disease, many of them had lost there families and others terrible things. But, in short I would like to stat as a responsible Pakistani & being a Muslim.

"The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are in acute trouble because the Tan district administration is unable to provide them with basic amenities.

Thousands of IDPs from the militancy-haunted South Waziristan are behaved like refugees from another country. There is one registration and one ration distribution centers in Tank for thousands of people.

The IDPs are forced to stand in long queues for the whole day and then police often baton-charge them, which leaves elderly, women and children injured. These all are shameful and disgusted.

We demands of the government to increase the number of NADRA mobile units in Tank in order to facilitate the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

We wants that the government should establish atleast three to four NADRA centers so that the IDPs could get their identity cards with ease and comfort, adding that the available single center was not sufficient to meet the growing need of the people.

We would like to inform that most of the aged men and women were without Identity cards, which creates problems both for the law enforcing agencies and the IDPs equally.

Several time men, women, children and the elderly men injured because of stampede after police baton-charging in Tank. The Assistant Coordination Officer of the Tank district be removed forthwith as his attitude towards the IDPs is callous.

Meanwhile migration of displaced persons to Dera Ismail Khan and Tank from the war-battered South Waziristan continues.

The registration centers formed for the IDPs are also insufficient and measures should be taken to increase those centers to facilitate the IDPs.

He said that the government should take accelerated steps to provide the IDPs with tents ahead of the fast-approaching winter season.

There should be efficient administrations to discharge its responsibilities in efficient manner to facilitate the IDPs otherwise it will be difficult to win the support and sympathies of the refugees.

We would like to tell you that there were some 10 to 15 thousands IDPs living in miserable condition in the adjacent North Waziristan’s Mir Ali and Miranshah who didn’t get any aid from the government so far.

The IDPs are totally not satisfied with the government. The government should come forward to chalk out a strategy to facilitate the refugees without further delay."

Brothers & sisters, I have state the real facts & figures which I have observed at my visit of Tank, Dera Ismail Khan and many of the other areas of Waziristan.

I believe that many of the Pakistanis watns to know more and more about the current situation of war areas. Due to high profile security reason, I wont be able to write for here for it as my concern is only to accomodate the IDPs, to work for the IDPs to supply food, medicines to IDPs in a proper manner. Although, still here is no such kind of the arrangemnt found by the Govt or others NGO. Purhaps due to security reasons or else. But people of the effected areas wants to know that how long this condition will run with them. An I dont have any sufficient answer of this question.

Once again I am requesting to all of the Pakistani nataion as well as Muslims arround the glob, that please please please dont leav them alone in this time if we leave them in the same situation this will be cause for another change of mind or change in society in themselves.

Jazak ALLAH.
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi
Incharge Ashiyana Camp II "Adnan & Group"