Friday, August 27, 2010

An Appeal from Naushehra Khyber Pakhtoonkhwah.

With the name of ALLAH Almighty

Assalam O Alikum.

With due respect, please accept our deep appology for being late on blogspot and in personal contact regardng our works. But, as you know we are working in the area which are fully effected and there's no internet access is available for the proper corresponding. Today few of our volunteer's came here at Rawalpindi for the purchasing of few things with medicines for our medical camp at Naoushehra. and we are able to contact and update our friends with our works.

What we did in last date:

Dear all, here's a summary of our works, which we have done with the flood victims in Naushehra, Chaharsada , Akora Khatak and arround.

Medical camp: Approx: 2250 childs and women has been treated with medicines.

Food stuff: Approx: 500 poeples has been served with one time meal (at dinner) on last 7-8 days.

Clothes: about 3800 suites has been distributed into kids, womens and mens is in the Naushehra & Chaharsada areas in last 10


Water filter plant: there're two water filter plant in pipe line and awaiting for the final approval from local authorites (allocation of the

place for instalation).

What we wants to do as more:

My friends there are many things are in front of ours to do, but now me and my firneds has decided to continue with medical camps a kind of mobile medical camp, in which I've need to medicate especially kids b/w 1month to 14-years. We wants to medicate womens, who are facing many of the issues after the flood. But, unfortunatly we dont have enough amount with us to purchase medicines, we dont have any consultant or physician with us. we dont have a number of peramedic with us.

Please, treat this message as request, as an appeal from our brother's, sisters and kids of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. We are looking for a large number of Doctors "Specially for kids & ladies" a large number of peramedics and a huge amount of the medicines "specially child & women related". So, please come here at Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa with your teams and mediciens and help out the vicitms of the flood.


Your Brother

Mansoor Ahmed & Team.

For contact: +92 333 3426031 / +92 313 279 8085 / +92 323 846 6089

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Flood in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (Urgent action required)

With the name of ALLAH Almighty

Assalam O Alikum Brother & Sisters,

As we are working as volunteery for the flood victims of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and the locations are NAushehra, Chaharsada & its arround. This is an urgent request from the all og the organization, NGO's and friend, Brother & sisters that the following things need to be done on emergency basis for the victims otherwise another human disaster will be very close with us,

  • Mineral / Drinking water on very urgent basis (unlimited quantities)
  • Food stuff (as many of the peoples are facing very worse condition due to hunger specially on the remote areas of Naushehra, Chaharsada & Upper Dir.
  • Medicines all kind of the medicines are urgently required especially for the kids & ladies, (a large amount of life saving drugs are also awaiting for the kids)
  • Clothes for all ages, especially for the kids and medicines (shalwar / qamees)
  • Tents, wood, coal, matchboxes, candels, batteries etc are also required on urgently basis.

Dear all, Whoever or whatever you are but on this worse time just put behind all of the things and try to help out these peoples who are stuck at remote areas and living till today without any any kind of the things.

Also a large number of volunteer's are also required here to help others NGO's or pvt groups, Friends who knows Pashtoo are also welcome to work with, Doctors, Peramedic staff are also urgently required.

Please take this message seriously and try to help humanity to save humanity, for any kind of the assistance or guideline, please feel free to contact on the following numbers or email (in case of if switch off)
+92 343 535 7247
+92 313 279 8085
+92 333 342 6031
+92 334 228 9783


Ps: a large number of security persons are also required to save the lives of the victims & social groups, volunteers (as few of the Hardcore / troublemaker elements are also found in these localities, who don't want to see guys / gals who are working as volunteers in these areas.

An urgent action is required from the nation of Pakistan.

Mansoor Ahmed & Friends
Aab-e-Hayyat relief group,
Naushehra, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flood in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa - Pakistan (An appeal)

With the name of ALLAH Almighty

My dear friends,
Assalam O Alkum & Good afternoon.

This is Mansoor Ahmed one of the citizen of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, living in Karachi “The city of the light”. With a little bit intro let me try to aware or awake you about the recent condition of the flood effectees (Victims) here in Pakistan. As many of you very well aware about the recent condition and situation in the flood affected areas with the help of print or electronic media. But, there’re many of the areas are still under the deep water and the peoples live on that areas are helpless and ready for dying with hunger, decease & other causes.  I will try to give a short view in below of the areas which I have seen one of the most flood effected province “Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa” of Pakistan. Although all of the Pakistan has got trouble from the flood but Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa is almost 80-85% drown in the flood water.

I’ve visited Naushehra, Chaharsada, Sawat in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa with my relief team. “I’m not an organization nor NGO” I’ve made a volunteer group for the relief efforts in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa with the help of my friends and family members from Karachi & Lahore. We did try our best to collect things such as like Clothes, Food stuff, Medicines and few of the female related stuff from our friends and family. But as we reached at Naushehra, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. We have seen a large number of effected are looking and awaiting for the aid and help. Not only in Naushehra but Charsada and others areas are facing most worse condition in these days.

Government Efforts: I’ve never seen till August 13 any kind of the government base efforts for the help less people of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, but few of the provisional officer are visiting and in try to facilitate victims with there limted resources but none of from Federal Government. Pakistani Armed forces are playing an active role to save and rescue the lives from danger and they are still working without any break or hold. Numbers of Choppers (Heli) are so less they are not enough to make a large level of rescue or relief operation. WHO, Save the Children, UN & others level of organizations are about to start there work but they have some reservation from the government side and Taliban side (peace & security is another big issue in this areas) I’ve never seen any kind of the big or large level of the activity from Pakistani NGO’s instead few of them are working in Peshawar or Sawat to distribute food stuff or few of the medicines.  
I’ve requesting at on the behalf of victims of the flood of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa with all of the NGO’s, Government of Pakistan, National & International donors, social wings of the political & religious parties, specially students of School, Colleges, Universities & Madarsa’s that please came out from your home, make teams of the volunteers and try to get inside in the effected areas of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa as soon as you can. You’ll find thousands of the peoples who are waiting for water to drink, food to eat, medicines, clothes etc. You can bring any thing you can be like food stuff, medicines, clothes etc and this is easily to collect from your friends and families. Once if you decided to do that work to save humanity you’ll get success in your target. Timings are so important to achieve the target.   

I’m also collecting the things from my friends, family member, my office colleges, and neighbors and again making a plan to visit effected areas of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

So, please take your part to save humanity in this worse situation. The people of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa are also human, they are also Pakistani same like us. And being a Human this is our responsibility to save there lives with our hand. Once we unite no one can beat us whatever the flood, earthquake or anything else.

I’m writing few of the things which required urgently in the effected areas of Khyber Pakhtooknkhwa.

·        Mineral Water (Unlimited quantity)
·        Food Stuff (Unlimited Quantity)
·        Medicines (for Peds, Neonates / Kids especially – all related deceases “unlimited qty”)
·        Clothes (for kids, females, males – unlimited quantity)
·        Bed sheets, Mat, Tents, Utensils, Match box or burning liters, Coal or wood, Candles or batteries etc.

Dear all, the above mentioned items are easily available in local markets, our friends, or family members can purchase atlest one of any thing for the vicitims of the flood and one by one you can collect many of the things just in a few days. After that make yours own volunteer teams. Try to reach in these areas. You’ll find peace of mind, heart and soul, I believe on this.

Important thing:
As I am working since many days with the victims of the flood in these areas, especially in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, I’ve never find any Taliban elements here at Naushehra or Chaharsada at all but few of the trouble makers who want to loot or some things from aids of the victims. This thing is totally concern with law enforcement agencies but nothing more then it. If you are visiting in this area make sure to work with the help of the local community or people they will protect you, your lives and things more then there lives, I assure. Just believe on ALLAH Almighty, faith, and the cause for you are doing efforts none will hurt you at all. Insha ALLAH.

Hope to hear you soon.
Your brother
Mansoor Ahmed
A volunteer working with a team of volunteers in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Pakistan.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Relief efforts for flood effectes in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (Report)

With the name of ALLAH Almighty
Activity report of last 10 days (August 2nd till August 11th, 2010)
 for the effectees & victims of flood in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa

Assalam O Alikum,
With the blessing & help of ALLAH Almighty we had done many of the things for the flood effectees in last few days, (which we know are very limited but much as we can be), Details are as given below:

Volunteer’s Team Members for Naushehra, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa:
Syeeda Faryal Zehra – Calgary “Canada”, Syeeda Rubab Zehra – Muzafferabad “AJK”, Asim Ali Chodry – Jehlum, Moazam Khan – Mardan, Effat Yasmeen – Islamabad, Raheela Baig – Islamabad, Mursaleen Agha – Islamabad, Bilal Kiyyani – Rawalpindi, & few of local volunteers from Naushehra.

Naushehra, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (from August 5th till August 10th 2010): Water: 10000 liter, bottles of mineral water.
Clothes:  More than 3000 pairs of kids, female & male clothes.
Medicines: Worth of Rs. 2,50,00.00 (with the help of an NGO & Army medical team)
Food stuff: Channa – 15kg, Dates – 25kg, Dry Milk – 50kg, Tea – 12kg, Rusk – 5kg,
                    Bakery stuff – 15kg, Biscuits 1500 packets of economy packs.
Transportation: We are thankful for an NGO (they don’t wants to disclose there name) to provide us two of the double cabin swift cabs for this visit & also thankful of Pakistan Army to provide us save and peaceful place for our relief camp.

Details of our collection from friends / family:
Clothes:  4285 pairs of kids, female & male clothes.
Medicines: Worth of Rs. 3,12,540.00 (Different kind of the medicines).
Food stuff: Worth of Rs. 57,000.00 (Several stuff).
Others: Collection Rs. 55,000.00 (In cash).
Total amount: Rs. 5,04,540.00

List of the persons, amount & items, who contributed in this cause, are as given below:
Syeeda Aliya Imam Naqvi (From UK) Rs. 2,00,000.00 (Two lacs).
Muhammad Nadeem & Friends (From South Africa) Rs. 80,000.00 (Eighty thousands).
Aab-e-Hayyat Research & Development SocietyKarachi, Pakistan. (Dr. Sarfraz & Friends).  
Rs. 30,000.00 (Thirty Thousands).
Syeeda Faryal Zehra (CalgaryCanada) Rs. 80,000.00 (Eighty Thousands).
From the peoples of Rawalpindi & Karachi: Rs.14,540/= (Fourteen Thousands, five hundred & forty).

Dear all,
The above mentioned details of our services a/c are not publishing here to be famous or something like that but we just wants to ensure our friends, that whatever they are contributing we are in our best to distribute into the flood effectees. As we received many of the calls from our friends and others social persons, and they promise us for a huge contribution in this cause. (This will be treated that few of the funds are in pipe-line).

I (Syeeda Faryal Zehra) was in Naushehra, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa with my team of volunteers for 4-days and have seen thousands of the peoples without shelters, food, medicines & clothes. Bravo! the Pakistan Armed forces and the Government of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, they are taking all of the possible measures to facilitate victims of the flood on the first step. But still the efforts we are taking are so minor. We have made many of the request at the front of our friends that a large scale of the relief operation is required immediately, which will only possible with joint efforts of Federal Government of Pakistan, Pakistan Armed Forces, NGO’S & others private social groups & Volunteers. And still there’s no hope for this.

Last night (on August 11, 2010) another group of volunteers had left for Charsada, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa under the supervision of Mansoor Ahmed, with the following team members and Items:

Volunteer’s Team Members for Charsada, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa:
Mansoor AhmedKarachi, FaisalLahore, Ayesha KhanIslamabad, Nighat JamalIslamabad. Ayyan Ali – Abbotabad, Raheel – Haripur, Wasim – Peshawer, Junaid Yusufzai – Peshawer, Ali – Rawalpindi, Rubab Zehra – Muzafferabad “AJK”, & few of the local volunteer’s.

Charsada, Kyber Pakhtoonkhwa (Aab-e-Hayyat Relief camp), August 12th till August 14th 2010:
Clothes: Used & new for kids, female & male, 1400 Pairs.
Medicines:  Worth of Rs. 36,000.00 (for fever, cough, scabies, motions, others).
Food stuff: Dates (Khajoor) – 15kg, Biscuits – 250 packets of economy packs,
                    Dry Milk – 10kg, Tea – 5kg, Bakery stuff – 8kg. Oil – 20 pack of 1kg. 
                    Match box – 25 pack (8 – match boxes in each), Candles – 12dozen.  
                    Sugar – 20kg, Coal – 15kg, Bread & Rusk – 6 economy cartons.
Water: 2000 liter, mineral water.      
Tents:  Size of 10” by 12”, 15 – Number.
Others: Lime Stone – 10kg, Soap – 10dozen, Pads (for female) – 5dozen,
             Shoe / Chappal / Sandals – 50 pairs, Anti germ spray – 1dozen.
Transportation: Rs. 12,000.00 (Twelve thousands) has been paid to hire a pvt mini 
                            truck for Charsada or its nearest point.
List of the persons, amount & items who contributed in this cause, are as given below:
·        Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Group: Clothes & Medicines.
  • Muhammad Nadeem & Friends (From South Africa): Rs. 14,000.00 (Fourteen thousands)
  • Syeeda Rubab Zehra: Shoe / Chappal / Sandals, Clothes, female items.
  • Mansoor Ahmed Family & Friends: Water, Clothes, Food Stuff, Tents &
            Rs. 17,400.00 (Seventeen thousands & four hundred only)
·        Syeeda Faryal Zehra: Clothes, Medicines, Water & Other stuff.

Dear all,
We are thankful to you for your kind efforts, contribution and prayers for us. We are looking for the same in future as the work isn’t done yet a long term efforts required after rescue, relief operation.

May ALLAH Help us in this cause, Ameen.

Jazak ALLAH Khairan Khatreeran Abadan.
Syeeda Faryal Zehra
A Volunteer of S. Adnan Ali Naqvi & Group,
A team member of Aab-e-Hayyat Relief Camp for the Victims of flood, KPK.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah, Flood & Effectees.

With the name of ALLAH Almighty

Assalam O Alikum,

Azeez doston, ALLAH pak k fazl o karam aur de hoi himat, sabr, estiqamat k bharose hum yahan apne relief efforts kar rahe hain, Afsoos ess bat ka hai k munasib transporation na hone k sabbab hum rescue efforts karne main nakam hain, hum sabh doston nai mil kar apne aap ko 2 teams main divide kar lia hai, humari ek team relief goods ke collection main masroof hai aur dosri team relief efforts main masroof hai. Humare abh tak k relief efforts kia hain aur hum abhi tak kia kuch kar chuke hain aur kia plan rakhte hain wu kuch ess tarhan sy hai.

Humare sath kaam karne wale volunteers:

Team on effected area:

·        Syeeda Faryal Zehra
·        Minhaj Afridi
·        Aziz Ahmed
·        Muhammad Nadeem
·        Mansoor Ahmed
·        Owais Khan
·        Hamza
·        Memoona Qadri
·        Asif Jamal
·        Midhat Kiyani
·        Dr. Saira Iqbal
·        Dr. Farhaj Alvi
·        Dr. Shujja Alvi

Team in different cities (for the collection):

            From Aab-e-Hayyat Research & Development Organization, Karachi.
·        Dr. Sarfraz Baig (Karachi)
·        M. Kashif Jibran (Karachi)
·        Ms. Azra Nadeem (Karachi)

Working with friends or Individual’s.
·        Faisal Malik & Friends (Lahore)
·        Rubab Zehra & Friends (Islamabad)
·        Effat Yasmeen & Family (Faisalabad)
·        Jonson & Friends (Australia)
·        Ms. Badar-un-Nissa & Family (Karachi)

Our collection details in last 10-days.
·        Clothes 3,800 pair of ladies, children & men clothes.
·        850 pair of shoe, chappal etc.
·        4,870 liter of mineral water.
·        Medicines, Rs, 4lacs of cost.
·        Dates (Khajoor). 50kg.
·        Rusk (Pappai). 15kg.
·        Suger, 20kg.
·        Tea, 5kg.
·        Others bakery stuff, 5-kg.
·        Blanket, 5 nos.

ALHAMD UL ALLAH, our volunteer are working on there areas to make aware the people of Pakistan about this massive disaster. And I’m sure with the help of ALLAH Almighty we will be able to manage the things as much as we can for our brother and sisters in effected areas.
We know that above mentioned amount of the things are good enough to wirte, see and collect but unfortunately this amount of things is nothing for the effectees. Hundred of the thousands are still stuck in the effectees areas, they don’t have food supply, medicines and others thing to live with. Victims who had managed themselves to get out from the effected areas are also facing terrible problems in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. I have seen great efforts from Pakistan Armed forces but where is the government?

Hakoomat kahan hai ess ka na tu mujhe elm hai na he sellam k mutasirin ko, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa ke hakoomat ke jitni tareef kari jai kaam hai, mushkil k enn lamhat main yahan ke hakomat agr kuch kar nahi paa rahi lekin unn k numainde apni pori koshish kar rahe hain k wu access hasil karain aur kam uz kam logon k sath un k dukh dard batain.  Baqi National Disaster Management Authority kahan hai aur baqi NGO’S kahan hainye tu ALLAH he ko ilm hoga. Jabh hum jese loog apna group bana kar remote area main kisi na kisi tarhan access kar sakte hain tu jane ye log kiss bat ka wait kar rahe hain. ALLAH Pak in ko hidayat ata farmain, Amen. Deegar halat k bare main aap sabh ko media k zarye maloom hota rehta he hoga. Yahan tu halat ye hai k yeah seelab (flood) sabh kuch baha le gaya, hazaron logon ka saman, jane kitne he towns safai hasti sym it gai hain, khatam ho gai hain, wajood mit chukka hai, aur loog jane kahan kahan bhatak rahe hain. Kitne he loog apne piyaron sy bichar kar bhatak rahe hain, kitne he logon k pass kapre nahi. Ek buhat bare relief operation ke zaroorat hai.

Mere doston aap achi tarhan jante hain k 2005 k earthquack main kiss qadar bare pemane par relief operaton howa tha aur uss time bhi buhat logon ny sawal uthai thai. Lekin Armed forces, NGO’S aur private groups nai apni sari taqat logon ko facilitate karne main laga dali thi aur buhat jald uss waqt k halat par qaboo paa lia gaya tha. Tu aaj hum kiss ka wait kar rahe hain, kiun aaj Sindh, Punjab, and around the globe phele howe Pakistani aur muslim enn bebass aur lachar logon ke maddad k liye agai nahi arahe hain? Kiun ese log jo thoda thoda kar k buhat kuch kar sakte hain yahan k logon ke maddad nahi kar rahe hain? Kiun hum sabh kisi masiha ya miracle ka wait kar rahe hain?

Hum tu apne sare contacts estimal kar rahe hain, aur jo kuch kar sakte hain kar rahe hain, humare bhi apne gher hain, humari bhi apni life hai, aur apni apni masroofiyat hain, masail hain lekin hum sabh doston nai kuch waqt k liye apne masail ko aur deegar masroofiyat ko bhool kar apni zindagi ka kuch time yahan k logon k liye guzarne ka faisla kia aur ALLAH Pak ny humari maddad bhi farmai aur hum jo kuch kar sakte hain kar rahe hain. Lekin humare sath sath esse hazaron logon ke zaroorat hai jo yahan kara relief & rescue efforts main Army, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa ke hakomat ka hath batain. Aur apni koshish karain job hi kar sakte hain. Yahan Doctors ke kami hai, pera medical staff ke kami hai, food supply chain banana ke zaroorat hai. Jaga jaga relief camps ke zaroorat hai. Engineers, teachers, Mazdoor, garz ye k har har field sy relation rakhne wale fard ke buaht zaroorat hai. Lekin yahan aya kon hai sirf chand loog. Bari bari NGO’S, Organizations bhi kisi sooch main mubtila hain aur shayad humari Federal hakoomat abh kuch new plane bana rahi hai k kiss tarha sy ek dafa phir sari dunya k samne jaa kar funds ekhata karma hai aur apni jaibon ko bharna hai aur yahan k relief efforts ko barbad karma hai. Ek jamhori hakoomat main efectees k sath esa zulm, ess ka tasawur karma bhi mahal hai. Lekin enn sabh baton ko samne rakh kar hum loog apne faraiz sy moun nahi chupa sakte. Na he hum kisi bhi majbori ka bahana bana kar yahan k logon ke maddad sy enkar kar sakte hain.
Humari appeal hai mulk ke sari Political & Religious parties sy social groups sy, gharon main rehne wali maon, behnon sai, School, Colleges & University k students, factories & mills mai kaam karne wale mazdooron aur labour, zindagi k har field sy relation rakhne wale eke k fard sy guzarish hai, appeal hai k ap logon ko medan-e-amal main ana hoga, aap aur hum sabh mil kar he apne enn bhai aur behnon ka masail ko kuch kaam kar sakte hain, hum buhat ziada nahi, hum enn logon ko enn k gher nahi lekin kuch waqt k liye yahan k logon k liye kaam kar k apne ALLAH aur uss ke batai hoi guideline ko follow tu kar he sakte hain.

Agai kia karma hai kese karna hai ess ka faisla aap apne ghar par baith kar nahi kar sakte ess k liye aap ko enn areas main ana hoga. Khyber Pakhtoon khwa k awam yahan k loog hum sabh ka wait kar rahe hain aur yahan k logon k liye kaam karna humari awalin tarjeeh hona chahiye.

Aap sabh loog apni zaat sy mil kar ya individual jo kar sakte hain karain, INSHA ALLAH humari ye zindagi aur akhirat ke zindagi pur sakoon aur masail sy azad ho jai gee.

Jazakum ALLAH Khairan Khateeran Abadn

Aap k dost, bhai aur behnain.
Volunteers from Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa

Hum sy rabta karne k liye:
+92 333 342 6031
+92 313 279 8085
+92 343 535 7247

Ho sakta hai k aap ko humara number band mile ess ke wajha yea hogi k hum apni teams k sath effected areas main honge, essi sorat main aap hum ko apna txt peham send kar sakte hain ya fir hum ko email kar sakte hain.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Urgent Required Items for the flood effected in Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah

With the name of ALLAH Almighty

Mere azeez doston,
Assalam O Alikum.

Apne pichle pegham main aap sy kuch arz kari thi, mujhe nahi elm k aap log kitna active howe hain ya nahi, lekin main ny arz kia tha k apne aglai pegham main aap sy arz karon gaa k yahan kin cheezon ke buhat sakhta aur fori zaroorat hai. Aur yehi arz le kar main aap ke khidmat mai hazir howa hon.

Most Urgent Requirement in Flood effected areas:

·        Mineral Water – Fresh Drinking waterUnlimited” ( First High priority).
·        Medicines for Scabies, Dieria, Motions, Vomiting, Fever, Multivitamins etcUnlimited”. (Second High priority).
·        Anti Germ, Mosquito, fly spray / liquid / Lime stone & Soap / liquid. Unlimited. (Third High priority)
·        Clothes “Especially for women, children’s – all ages”. “Unlimited.” (Fourth High priority).
·        Raw food stuff “Rice, Beans, Flour, Sugar, Tea, Bread, Rusk etc” Unlimited. (Fifth High priority).

Mere doston, ye buhat thodi chezain hain jo hum apne gharon sy, ya apne hathon sy khareed kar kisi bhi organization ya NGO ko de sakte hain, ya fir apne apne cities k COD, Army garrisons main ja kar jama kara sakte hain jahan sy ye ashya jitna jaldi mumkin howa Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah k selab zadgan tak puhanchai jaa sakti hain.

Mai aap subh he doton sy ALLAH k naam par yahan k seelab zadgan k liye bheek mangta hon k oper bayan kari gai ashya main sy aap loog jitna ziada jama kar sakte hain karain aur jitna jaldi mumkin ho yahan k logon tak puhanchain.

Jazakuk ALLAHU Khairan Khatreen Abadan.
Aap ka bhai.
Mansoor Ahmed
Ps. Ager aap humare zariye seelab zadgan ke koi maddad karma chahte hain tu neeche diye gai numbers par contact karain.
+92 343 535  7247
+92 313 297 8085
+92 333 342 6031

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Flood in KPK: (For the name of ALLAH Almighty)

With the name of ALLAH Almighty

My dear friends, (from Pakistan & the entire world).
Assalam O Alikum.

This is not the first time to calling you to help of the needy or helpless peoples of the region, if you can a look of my links, you can find many of the appeals in this regards but the result of my appeals are very less and uncountable. No matter at all for me if you are helping these peoples through me or with any other organization. My work and I think this is my duty to let you know what is going on here and how we are doing in this great miserable situation at Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah.

If you can remember the days of earthquake 2005, (and I am sure that you guys can not forget those moments). Thousands of the peoples have been died just because of loose efforts or late access on the remote areas of the region. I am sure I was the first person in all of the Pakistan who made a private social team to work for the victims of earthquake and we worked well enough on those days. Anyway, I am not here to show my work report or any kind of the efficiency regarding my social work as I’ve done all of the work for the name of ALLAH and as ALLAH orders. “To work for the human & and to live for the humanity”. I am proud to be Pakistani & have proud on my team members like, Mansoor Ahmed. (who is with from the first day of my social work), Syeda Faryal Zehra (one of the great social worker always ready to work for women and children), Taimour Farhad (one of the hard working social person ever ready to go in remote area without the care of his life or anything). And many of the others friends who worked with me as volunteer in last several days. I’ve been here at Khyber Pakhtoon khwah since one and a half year and in try to help the IDP’s & victims of the war on terror & ALHAMD UL ALLAH we have done such a remarkable work in remote areas of Southern / Northern Waziristan, Aurakzai Agency, Malakand, Bajour & other’s. But still we are not just a group not like an NGO nor like a govt do social organization and we wants to be like anyone of them. We are not working for fame or name. We are not here to earn some money by back kicks or seats for the national or provincial assemblies. We just wants to through our efforts to make these victims and IDP’s life good or at lest better then now.

Unfortunately, flood of this year has made an uncountable damage, in all of the Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah. Many of the areas has been washed like never lived there a long. Many of the IDP’s camp has been cleaned, many of the towns and villages are no more for live. Hundreds and thousands of the victims are living in danger. They don’t have water for drink, no food for live no medicines to save there lives. There are many of the areas in which peoples are still stucked in water of the flood but still no efforts for them. We are in try to make a group to help these helpless peoples and to get access in the remote areas without any kind of the govt or NGO help.

What we are looking from you:
My dear friend, I don’t know what is the reason to watch the television and say like “ALLAH ye kia ho gaya” ALLAH enn logon ke maddad farma” ALLAH ye kesa azab hai” etc, ALLAH will not come to help ourselves until we will help ourselves by us. We do need to make joint efforts; we do need to work like as a nation same as we done in Earthquake – 2005. We must need to get out from our homes and try to collect the things as much as we can, we do need to move into remote areas to help our brother’s, sister’s, mothers and children, if we will not the world can see our more worse and bad situation more then like this. Nobody will come to help us, nobody wants to help us. So, I am begging to you, for the name of ALLAH Almighty, for the nation, for the country & for the Islam please comes out from your homes, try to collect the things, try to make your personal efforts to help these helpless peoples, who never has water for drink, not have food to eat, they are living only on dirty flood water and many of the deceases are being spreading here.

My dear brother, sisters n friends, this is not a time to think about it that who will be the responsible for these peoples? Who will be caring them? Who will be taking care of these Childs, orphans, widows, and helpless people? Who will go first & who will be the next? This is the major responsibility of our self to go in flood effected areas and help these peoples, no matter we have limited resources, we have our own issues and problems but do not forget that ALLAH says: “Ehsan Karo K ALLAH he Ehsan ka behter Badla Dene Wale Hain.” I am very much sure that poorest Pakistani can afford a bottle of mineral water at least, any many of the middle class person from Pakistan can manage one day food supply for a single person. Many of the Pakistani ca manages with at least one suite (shalwer / Qamee) for the Victims, many of the Pakistani can work at least for 2-5 days in a year for the victims of flood. The real matter is motivation; the issue is that how to approach on the sites, the problem in mind that what the cost of our work is. I want to assure you no matter at all. If you are Muslim so mean is that you have a strong faith on ALLAH Almighty, and being a Muslim you can do whatever you wants or like. You can do many of the things; you can use your talent for these helpless people. So, why are you waiting for my friends? Come and join together, just purchase a single bottle of mineral bottle, a pack of biscuit, any one of the medicine, a local or used pair of shoe / clothes, or at least donate Rs. 30/= minimum for the help of these people. You can see these little efforts make you a big help and contribution of these helpless peoples.

I am sure that ALLAH Almighty will give you agr-e-azeem and lots of the social, spiritual benefits for this help and work.

To join the hand of us you can contact on the given below numbers,
+92 313 279 8085
+92 343 5357247
+92 333 3426031

To contribute your donations (things)
Just packed them in a cartoon and submit them any one of the your nearest Army depot (make sure to write the name on the top of the package or cartoon with Black or Red water proof marker “Adnan & Group or Ashiyana Camp for Flood Victims”). Your things will be reach us as soon as possible.

For the Zakat, Fitra, Sadqat or help in cash, (contact on the given numbers or use the following Account details).
Ms. Badar-un-Nissa.
Account # 0100-3478-0.
United Bank Limited.
Gulistan-e-Jouher Branch.(1921).
Karachi. Pakistan.
Swift Code:- UNILPKKA.

Jazakuk ALLAH Khairan Katheeran Abadan.