Saturday, March 13, 2010

Urgently Requiremed!

بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Urgently Required

Ashiyana Camp for the Waziristan IDP's, is urgently looking for the following team members who like to work as voluntary social worker at Waziristan (South).

  • Ladies (2) for the taking care of 19 Orphans child (as Mother or Sister)
    Criteria: Must be 25 years old or above, Preferably Married.
    Can speak in Urdu / Pashtu or Farsi. Able to read & write, Kind nature.

  • Male (2) for the taking care of Orphans (as Father or Brother)
    Criteria: Must be 20 years old or above,
    Can speak in Urdu / Pashtu or Farsi. Able to read & write, Kind Nature.

  • Social worker's (4) for various kind of the work, i.e.
    Can teach Holy Quran
    Can teach regular Urdu, English & others
    Can make food (Dinner / Lunch / Breakfast)
    Can work as volunteer (for all kind of the social work)

Ashiyana is waiting from all across the Pakistan to work into resettlement of IDP's of Waziristan into there original location. We are not belongs from NGO nor attached with any Govt Organization. We are working on our basis for the IDP's & Victims.
You must need to be brave, caring, sincere with the cause and willingly to work with the IDP's.

Friends who likes to join us please sent us your details as following;
Your Full Name:
N-N-I-C #:
Time (hours) you can spend with us:
Days you can spend with us:
Area of Interest (in which sector you like to work):
Your Contact Details (Address, Email, Phone, Mobile):

For the further details you can contact with the following volunteer's;

Syeda Faryal Zehra (Coordinator)

Mansoor Ahmed

Or Call us at:
+92 313 279 8085
+92 333 342 6031

جزاک اللہ

Ps. Requesting for the spread this link or publish in newspaper (if possible) at on charitable basis.