Friday, July 31, 2015

Help Flood Victims in Pakistan. (Flood update 2015)

 A lot of flood victims in Sindh is awaiting for a powerful quick response from the nation. There's no help by any N.G.O or any Govt organization for the flood victims in Sindh. 
Facing shortage of Medicines / Food at this time. 

We need support, We need you to be with us to help our brother & sister who has lost there homes, food and everything during this flood. 

Team Ashiyana is looking for volunteer's, to come & join us to help flood victims in remote areas of Sindh. Pakistan. 

Team Ashiyana is looking for Medicines and food stuff to care flood victims. To help these people contact us on: +92 345 297 1618 
or email us;

Twitter: @teamashiyana / @S_AdnanAliNaqvi

For donation with medicines / Food or cloth please contact on +92 333 342 6031 (Karachi)

We're starting with a very small amount Rs. 60,000/= (Sixty thousands) with the hope that more people will join us and help us to give our support to flood victims.