Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Flood in KPK: (For the name of ALLAH Almighty)

With the name of ALLAH Almighty

My dear friends, (from Pakistan & the entire world).
Assalam O Alikum.

This is not the first time to calling you to help of the needy or helpless peoples of the region, if you can a look of my links, you can find many of the appeals in this regards but the result of my appeals are very less and uncountable. No matter at all for me if you are helping these peoples through me or with any other organization. My work and I think this is my duty to let you know what is going on here and how we are doing in this great miserable situation at Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah.

If you can remember the days of earthquake 2005, (and I am sure that you guys can not forget those moments). Thousands of the peoples have been died just because of loose efforts or late access on the remote areas of the region. I am sure I was the first person in all of the Pakistan who made a private social team to work for the victims of earthquake and we worked well enough on those days. Anyway, I am not here to show my work report or any kind of the efficiency regarding my social work as I’ve done all of the work for the name of ALLAH and as ALLAH orders. “To work for the human & and to live for the humanity”. I am proud to be Pakistani & have proud on my team members like, Mansoor Ahmed. (who is with from the first day of my social work), Syeda Faryal Zehra (one of the great social worker always ready to work for women and children), Taimour Farhad (one of the hard working social person ever ready to go in remote area without the care of his life or anything). And many of the others friends who worked with me as volunteer in last several days. I’ve been here at Khyber Pakhtoon khwah since one and a half year and in try to help the IDP’s & victims of the war on terror & ALHAMD UL ALLAH we have done such a remarkable work in remote areas of Southern / Northern Waziristan, Aurakzai Agency, Malakand, Bajour & other’s. But still we are not just a group not like an NGO nor like a govt do social organization and we wants to be like anyone of them. We are not working for fame or name. We are not here to earn some money by back kicks or seats for the national or provincial assemblies. We just wants to through our efforts to make these victims and IDP’s life good or at lest better then now.

Unfortunately, flood of this year has made an uncountable damage, in all of the Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah. Many of the areas has been washed like never lived there a long. Many of the IDP’s camp has been cleaned, many of the towns and villages are no more for live. Hundreds and thousands of the victims are living in danger. They don’t have water for drink, no food for live no medicines to save there lives. There are many of the areas in which peoples are still stucked in water of the flood but still no efforts for them. We are in try to make a group to help these helpless peoples and to get access in the remote areas without any kind of the govt or NGO help.

What we are looking from you:
My dear friend, I don’t know what is the reason to watch the television and say like “ALLAH ye kia ho gaya” ALLAH enn logon ke maddad farma” ALLAH ye kesa azab hai” etc, ALLAH will not come to help ourselves until we will help ourselves by us. We do need to make joint efforts; we do need to work like as a nation same as we done in Earthquake – 2005. We must need to get out from our homes and try to collect the things as much as we can, we do need to move into remote areas to help our brother’s, sister’s, mothers and children, if we will not the world can see our more worse and bad situation more then like this. Nobody will come to help us, nobody wants to help us. So, I am begging to you, for the name of ALLAH Almighty, for the nation, for the country & for the Islam please comes out from your homes, try to collect the things, try to make your personal efforts to help these helpless peoples, who never has water for drink, not have food to eat, they are living only on dirty flood water and many of the deceases are being spreading here.

My dear brother, sisters n friends, this is not a time to think about it that who will be the responsible for these peoples? Who will be caring them? Who will be taking care of these Childs, orphans, widows, and helpless people? Who will go first & who will be the next? This is the major responsibility of our self to go in flood effected areas and help these peoples, no matter we have limited resources, we have our own issues and problems but do not forget that ALLAH says: “Ehsan Karo K ALLAH he Ehsan ka behter Badla Dene Wale Hain.” I am very much sure that poorest Pakistani can afford a bottle of mineral water at least, any many of the middle class person from Pakistan can manage one day food supply for a single person. Many of the Pakistani ca manages with at least one suite (shalwer / Qamee) for the Victims, many of the Pakistani can work at least for 2-5 days in a year for the victims of flood. The real matter is motivation; the issue is that how to approach on the sites, the problem in mind that what the cost of our work is. I want to assure you no matter at all. If you are Muslim so mean is that you have a strong faith on ALLAH Almighty, and being a Muslim you can do whatever you wants or like. You can do many of the things; you can use your talent for these helpless people. So, why are you waiting for my friends? Come and join together, just purchase a single bottle of mineral bottle, a pack of biscuit, any one of the medicine, a local or used pair of shoe / clothes, or at least donate Rs. 30/= minimum for the help of these people. You can see these little efforts make you a big help and contribution of these helpless peoples.

I am sure that ALLAH Almighty will give you agr-e-azeem and lots of the social, spiritual benefits for this help and work.

To join the hand of us you can contact on the given below numbers,
+92 313 279 8085
+92 343 5357247
+92 333 3426031

To contribute your donations (things)
Just packed them in a cartoon and submit them any one of the your nearest Army depot (make sure to write the name on the top of the package or cartoon with Black or Red water proof marker “Adnan & Group or Ashiyana Camp for Flood Victims”). Your things will be reach us as soon as possible.

For the Zakat, Fitra, Sadqat or help in cash, (contact on the given numbers or use the following Account details).
Ms. Badar-un-Nissa.
Account # 0100-3478-0.
United Bank Limited.
Gulistan-e-Jouher Branch.(1921).
Karachi. Pakistan.
Swift Code:- UNILPKKA.

Jazakuk ALLAH Khairan Katheeran Abadan.