Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ashiyana Camp: Medicines & Warm Clothes Requirement

Dear Friends,
اسلام و علیکم 

Once again we are making this call to all of our friends and volunteers available in other cities that we are looking for the Medicines and Warm Clothes in urgent basis.

We do not have Medicines to run further Free Medical Camp and need huge amount of the medicines on urgent basis.

A hundred of thousands of the peoples here in North Waziristan are facing a lot of the trouble in this winter due to cold weather of the season.

Please help us to save humanity here in North Waziristan.

To contact with Ashiyana Camp or Team Ashiyana please click on the link below:

Jazak ALLAH 
Volunteer "Team Ashiyana"
Ashiyana Camp,
Miran Shah, North Waziristan