Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Ashiyana" Work Sheet for the month of October 2009.

Asslam O Alikum Friends.
For the kind attention of our respectable donors and visitors, we are going to publish a work sheet (balance sheet) of our work with the IDPs of Waziristan and Sawat operation.

Please find it and let us know if any change or correction required.
Yours assistance is personal interest is our wealth.


Work sheet (Balance sheet) for the month of October 2009.

October 2009.
Ashiyana Camp “Bannu”

Medical: Rs. 18000
Food: Rs. 5000
Clothes: Rs. 5000
Total Amount: Rs. 28000
People Serve: 172
Days: 2-days.
Aid: Rs. 28000
Loan: Nil

October 2009.
Ashiyana Camp "Bannu"

Medical: Rs. 12000
Food: Rs. 12800
Clothes: Rs. 6800
Total Amount: Rs. 31600

People serve: 150
Days: 2-days
Aid: Rs. 30000
Loan: Rs. 1600

October 2009.
Ashiyana Camp "D I Khan"

Medical: Rs. 20000
Food: Rs. 15000
Clothes: Rs. 8000
Total Amount: Rs. 43000

People serve: 200
Days: 2-days
Aid: Rs. 36000
Loan: Rs. 7000

October 2009.
Ashiyana Camp "D I Khan"

Medical: Rs. 18000
Food: Rs. 19580
Clothes: Rs. 3200
Total Amount: Rs. 40780

People serve: 150
Days: 2-days
Aid: Rs. 35000
Loan: Rs. 5780

October 2009.
Ashiyana Camp "Tank"

Medical: Rs. 20000
Food: Rs. 15480
Clothes: Rs. 5000
Total Amount: Rs. 40480

People serve: 180
Days: 2-days
Aid: Rs. 38000
Loan: Rs. 2480

Balance sheet
Total Amount for the month of October-2009. Rs. 183860
Aid from friends (money & raw material). Rs. 167000
Loan (Credit) purchasing. Rs. 16680

No of IDPs Served. 852
Day of served. 10-days.

Friends, this in not a full details, many of the details like transpiration, group expense are hidden as they made by our own resources.

This is basically an excel format, I don't know how to make an online excel worksheet here at blog spot. if anybody knows then please let us know.

Best Regards
Mansoor Ahmed
Incharge Financial Affairs /Corresponding
"Ashiyana" Adnan & Group.
Waziristan. Pakistan.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Adnan (Message)

Assalam O Alikum to all friends.

ALLAH who is the most beneficial and merciful on us. ALLAH is the great and one and only who make this world beautiful for us with all of the human necessaries.

Dear all, today em not here to make any demand or request, as ALLAH knows very well what we are looking for and what we wants for now & em much sure that ALLAH will gives us our things by any way same as last. I wants to share the feelings what I have now, the work out put the things which need to be done and personal thoughts.

Today, is Friday, 25th December 2009. The birth anniversary of Hazrat Isa (AS). as well as The birth anniversary of the great leader of South East Asia, the founder of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, The great Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah (RA). A holiday as usual. Many of the events are running on both occasions, speeches from the leader of the nations, attendance in churches & Mazar e Quaid etc.

I thought to make an event also here at Ashiyana Camp Waziristan, but after a detail discussion I've decided to do our work continue as we are doing here. Beside to waste our time to celebrate any occasion. This is a time to work as according to Quaid thoughts and teaching "Work, Work & Work" this is the message of our beloved Quaid.
To do work for the worse nation which still looking for Rooti, Kapra & Makkan.
To do work for those who are still are under the feudal lords.
To do work for poor.
To do work for humanity.
To do work for Islam & Muslims.
To do work to increase our economy.
To do work for the faith of Muslim.
To act according to Islam.
To act according to Quran & teaching of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).
To do work for Victims, Innocents & humanity.

All of the above are the teaching of Quran, the thoughts of Quaid e Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The real spirit of Quaid vision. Although, this is only a vision of all Politicians, Social Organizations, Govt Institutions, Forces and all of the Pakistanis. But what is actully going to be happen.

After earthquake - 2005. there were thousands of the people who lost there homes, lives still are looking for there help. Still many of them are not into homes or on proper work.

After the war of the terrorism in which Pakistan is playing a very important role thousands of the Pakistanis who lived in NWFP (Pakhtunkhwah) displace from there native homes. Many of them are died due to different reasons, like Air strike by Drone (attacked). Somehow, by our own forces attacked "In Sawat, Malakand, Bajour & now Waziristan & Aurakzai Agency.
Another hand Baluchistan is facing also terrible problems "Many of the Balochies are looking forward to there freedom and Independence from Pakistan. Southern Punjab is also facing the same problem. Sindh is a bit safe but there's no good news from interior areas of Sindh and Punjab. What is going on with this country? what we are doing with our country? What will be happens if this country run with the same things? Nobody knows .... But true is that we are playing with this beautiful land. We are not loyal with this country. We are just working for our own faith, money, wealth and religions.

ME in my self nothing, but once at the time of earthquake I thought to do some thing from my self & still doing my level best. I did work for earth quack victims as much as I could. I am working with IDPs and the victims of war on terror since last year. I have seen many of the families without any things for themselves,
I have seen many of the dead just because of doubts.
I have seen very young children to die because of suffer and hunger.
I have meet many of the old ladies and man who missed there families, there houses just because of this war of the terror.
I have visited the villages, the cites and localities where nothing is available for now as they are totally destroyed by the bombing of Pakistanis or non Pakistanis law reinforcement agencies.
I have seen the distribution of food, clothes & money etc and very well known that how much they are transparent and sufficient.
I have seen the attitude and behavior of Pakistani politicians, that how they like and wants to do for the IDPs & victims.
I have seen the work and out put of different local & international NGO's.

How much I will tel you and describe here. I have a wish that to give full of my love, care, loyalty with these suffer people. I have a wish to live and die with these people who don't have there home, they don't know who to live & survive without food, medicines, clothes & education. I wants to give my whole life to these people who are Pakistani & Muslims. And thank ALLAH Almighty, I am on my way. without the care of any Drone attack, with out the care of any criticism, without the care of any charge sheet from law enforcement agencies, without the care of money, local condition, without the care of what people things about me and I am pleased by this honor which only make possible by the help of ALLAH.

My friends the mean to write these things or share with you only to identify my self and your self. We are muslims and many of us are proud to be muslims. We are not good enough but we can be. just only to act according to the teaching of Quran, the act like Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) to work according to Quaid e Azam vision. Nothing will be impossible for us but only need to make courage to us. to make our self confidence to be unite. To make our self loyal with the nation. TO think like a nation without any religious, social, languish depart. You guys can do many of the things by your own self by make sympathy for these suffer peoples. By collecting few things for them like, clothes, medicines, books etc.

Finally, I would like to tell you a very important, jut feel like to live in this cold weather without any shelter. without warm clothes, without proper food and medicines. just once feel like this. You can feel the pain of my heart, you can feel the pain of the IDPs & Victims of Sawat, Malakand, Bajour & Waziristan, you can feel the demand and choice for these peoples.

For sack, don't leave them alone, don't leave me alone as this will be cause to to death or to change there mind against you, against the whle nation who are just watching and watching.

Life is too difficult in these area, nobody know that we will live for tomorrow or not. If we could save our self this mean that we can save the future of our nation.

I think this is enough for now. for the check list spare some time to read full of the article which is available is in the same link.

ALLAH gives you courage and Agr for your timing and what else you are doing for your self and our self, Ameeen.

Once again, please don't forget the Quaid vision. Today sacrifice is the wealth for our good future.


Your Brother
Assalam O Alikum.
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi
Ashiyana Camp II
Waziristan. NWFP.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adnan Appeal:

Ashiyana: (fact and figures)


We have supplied more then 350 tons of food stuff with the help of Pak Army.
More than 500 peoples been medicated in Ashiyana medical team camps.
800 children’s were supplied clothes and warm sweaters, blanket etc.

Still more than 700 peoples are in queue for the further food & warm cloth supply.
More than 1500 peoples are infected with different viral infections, Typhoid, Malaria, Chest infections, and open wounds (these figures are only of those who cam Ashiyana for medical assistance, hundreds of them still in try to reach medical camps & hospitals).


• Food stuff, (Wheat, Rice, Beans, Salt, Ghee, Oil, Sugar, Tea, Basic Spices & especially Milk for the Babies and Children’s).

• Warm clothes, (Sweaters, Jackets, Caps, Blankets, Socks, Uppers, Shoes for all age groups especially b/w 2-14 years age group of both sex).

• Medicines, (as everybody knows this is season of winter and cold, if they were in there home so they can protect easily with it but in camps and different cold locations this is very difficult to maintain them self by this very cold weather. We have a huge demand of General medicines & Antibiotics for Fever, Cold, Cough, Viral infections, Malaria, Typhoid, Chest infections as well as medicines for Blood pressure, Allergies, Scabies & General disease etc).

• Books / Magazines etc, Here also a demand of The Holy Quran (In Arabic / Urdu / Farsi / Pashto). Books of Hidayat. General knowledge & Social books. (I am very much sure that these kinds of the books will help them to motivate themselves for re-making of there minds and social status).

• General / Miscellaneous, Soap, Crockery, Kitchen Stuff, Sanitary pad, Bucket, Mugs, (lots of the things are in demand by the local or most of them are looking for the different stuff around, my focus to provide basic things into first step with they will survive in this cold weather out of there homes. If anybody wants to donate some thing extra from there homes or regular usages so they are also welcome).

My dear friends, I have wrote what I wanted to let you know, many things are still hide from me, If you know about them so please share them with me. Due to the matter of security and peace I am unable to discus openly here, if any friend wants to know the current situation about inside Waziristan then please feel free to ask me. I am usually open my email once in a week as I am out of the remote area, here’s no facility of mobile, call or internet. I usually use these things when be at Peshawar to purchase the things or to meet social persons or on my bheek missions.

Friends, another thing. I am not here to be famous or to earn wealth with my team. My cause is to earn Sawab and Agr and to make my friends presence with there money and there selves.

To emailing you the reason is only to let you know about my work. Can you imagine that we are using the same stuff what we are distributing into the victims.

Still we are in our best try to hide our self from media and press the one and only reasons that we are doing work only for ALLAH not for fame or name. “O ALLAH please accepts our work and if we are late or weak then increase our power to do work for suffers humanity.”

Monday, December 14, 2009

Adnan's Request

Assalam O Alikum Doston,

Aaj meri aap sy mulaqat koi speech nahi hy balke yahan k halat sy jo agahi mujhe hasil hy uss ko aap logon tak puhchana he maqsad hy.

Waziristan ek buhat bari afat sy guzar raha hy, paa nahi Pakistan mai rehne wale logon mai etni bai hissi kahan sy agai hy k ye loog jo yahan sardi aur bhook aflas sy pareshan hain enn ke maddad tu dor kebat hy enn k hal ehwal bhi lene wala koi nahi hy. Pichle dino jabh mai Karachi aur Lahore gaya that u jitnebhi tv channel dekh, jitney bhi news papers parhe unn sabh mai sirf aur sirf mulk ke siyasat ke he batain theen, mgr esse logon ka kia jo abh sardi aur bhook aflas sy guzar rahe hain, jinn logon k room mai Ac ya room heaters lage howe hain un k liye batain karna nisbatan asan aur sehal hota hy, briefing lena bhi koi buhat mushaqat wala kaam nahi, parliament k ejlason mai shirkat karna bhi koi buhat bara kaam nah, kiunk har koi janta hy k parliament k ejlason mai humar umra kia kia gul khilate hain, mgr kia abhi tak kisi bhi political party ya social organization k logon ny yahan k logon k halat janne ke koshish kari hy? Har giz nahi.. haan agr koshish karte hain tu sirf etni k yahan k logon ke footage bana dain, yahan k logon ke videos bana dain ek adh camp mai visit kar lainaur yehi sabh dunya ko dikha kar apna single tone ka raag “k Pakistan shaded dehshat gardi ka shikar hy” alapte rahain. Tuff hy esse logon par jo apne aap ko logon ka qadim tu kehte hain mgr khidmat hoti kia hy ess o wo jante tak nahi. Yahan halat etne ghambeer hain k agr sahi sahi batana shuru kia jai tu pore mulk mai ek soug ka alam ho jana chahiye, mgr esa nahi hy. Kiun k hum sabh ess qadar dheet ho chuke hain k na tu hum kabhi khud sy kuch janna chahty hain aur na he agr koi batana chahe tu uss ke sunna chahte hain, hum sirf apni he kehna, sunna aur samjhna chahte hain. Kia yehi hy Islamic Republic Of Pakistan ka wou khayal jo Allama Iqbal dy gai aur Jinnah sahib ny uss ko pora kia? Kia yehi wou Pakistan hy jahan sirf aur sirf Islam aur musilms logon ko unn ke aqdar, riwayat aur jazbat k hisab sy jeene ka haq atta kia jana tha? Nahi hum ese Pakistan ka sirf tasawur he kar sakte hain kiun k haqeeqat es sy kahi ziada talq aur gukhi hy.

Mere doston, buhat takleef hoti hy jabh humar akoi apna humari ankhon k samne hum sy juda ho ai, jis ke dawa k liye humare pass pese nah on, jiss ko sardi sy mehfooz rakhne k liye humare pass garm kapre nah on, jis ko bhook sy bachane k liye humare pass kuch khane ko na ho. Ye buaht he dukh aur gira howa mukham hota hy, aur esse he moukham par jane k baad mujh jese well educated, aur jaded dunya sy agah ensan ka dimag tak ghoom jata hy, aur shayad ese he waqt hum apnoon k liye khud kisi bhi had sy guzarne k liye tayyar ho jate hain.

Loog kehte hain k Wazirstan mai operation khatam ho gaya hy, ALLAH he jane esse logon ke source of knowledge kia hy, kiun k Operation tu abhi tak sawat mai bhi khatam nahi howa. Pakistan Armey tu apna farz buhat he ehsan tareqe sy ada kar rahi hy , mgr abh jinn ko agai barh k kam karna chahiye, wo hain humare politicicans, social organizations aur khud humari awam wo pata nahi kinn andheron mai gum ho chuke hain. Esse andhere jahan sirf aur sirf apni jaibon ka khayal hy, apni kursiun ka khayal hy, apni maqasid ka khayal hy.

Wazirsitan k buaht sare areas abh matti ka dhair ban chuke hain, buhatr sare areas mai abh tu basic zarooriyat ke cehzain tak moujod nahi kiun k jo kuch bhi thaw o es operation ke nazer ho chukka hy, sabh kuch esse barbad howa hy k jesa Pakistan k dushman chahte thy aur chah rahe hain rahi sahi kasar abh Drone ny pori kar deni hai. ALLAH jane kabh kahan kis basti par achanak ek fazai hamla ho aur porri ke pori basti barbad ho jai. Na koi makkan bacha hy aur na he koi dukan. Essa lagta hy k koi jinnati makhlooq akar yahan k areas ko tehes nehes kar gai hy. Khud tank esa ujra howa hy tu jane agai k areas ka kia hasher howa hoga.

Ashiyana camp (waziristan) ma abhi tak 8 esse shaded zakmi lai jaa chuke hain k jin ke halat buhat ziada khaab hy, humare pass tu abhi tak proper operation theater tak nahi hy. Hum ese logon ka elaj kese karain aur en ko kahan ly jain, Ek zakhmi ko hum ny galati sy peshawer bheja tha uss gareb ka elaj tu kia hota ulta us sy etni inquaires kari gain hain k wo gareeb tu adhe elaj mai he dam toud gaya. Abh ese halat mai yahan k log agr anit govt batain na karain tu aur kia karain.

Janab e wala yahan k loog jitney muhib e watan hain shayad he kisi aur area k hon, aur yahan k logon ke Pakistan sy muhabbat sirf aur sirf Islam ke wajha sy hy agr thoda dair k liye bhi Pakistan sy Islam ko alag kar dia jai tu hum sabh ko achi tarhan andaza ho sakta hy k ye log kia kirdar ada kar sakte hain.

To be cont....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Adnan Speech @ Tank

Assalam O Alikum to all,

ALLAH k hazoor dua gou hon k aap sabh loog jahan kahi bhi hon kheriyat sy hon aur aap par ALLAH ke salamati ho. ALLAH ka hazrha Ehsan e azeem hy k jiss ny hum ko yeah toufeeq atta farmai k hum ussi k diye howe maal mai sy aur ussi ke dee hoi zindagi mai sy dosre ensanon par kharach karain aur unn ke fiker karain. ALLAH k fazl o karam sy Malakand, Bajour, Sawat k logon ke khidmat k sath sath hum Southern Waziristan k apne bhaiun ke khidmat bhi ussi khaloos aur josh sy kar rahe hani k jiss k sath hum pehle karte chale aye hain. Humari essi mehnat ka asar hy k humare buhat sare bhai jo Pakistan k dosre areas mai rehne wale logon ko apna dushman aur gair mukhliq samjhte thy abh apas mai muhabbat, piyar aur ekhlas sy rehty hain. Hum yahan job hi hum sy ban parta hy karte hain aur kar rahe hain.

Muhtram, jesa k aap sabh jante hain k Adnan & Group ek bilkul alag group hy, na hum NGO’s hain na he Govt ka koi idara, shayad yehi wajha hy k hum job hi karte hain ek team ke tarha karte hain, humari team mai loog ate hain apne hisse ka kaam kar k chale jate hain aur ese gum hu jate hain k jese koi tha he nahi, yehi humari kamyabi ka raz hy. Hum apne aap ko logon k samne tashheer k liye paish nahi karte na he hum koi esa rasta apnate hain k jiss sy humare liye koi bara masla khara ho. Hum bilkul bhi gair siyasi aur samaji tareqe sy kaam karte hain. Jahan bhi hum ko lagta hy k hum open hone wale hain, yani k media huamre ko focous kar sakta hy hum foran sy pehle apni jaga badal dete hain. ALLAH ka shker hy k ess shuhrat wali burai sy abhi tak mehfooz hain aur dua karte hain k humara RAB hum ko hamesha mehfooz rakhe. Kiun k jabh shuhrat milti hy tu kamoon mai khalal aur zehnoon mai lalach anne lagta hy.

Pichle dinno Karachi jana howa, University Of Karachi, Sir Syed University Of Engeneering & Technology k kuch doston ny dawat dee k mai mai unn k pass jaon aur jo kuch mai kar raha hon aur yahan (Northern Areas) mai ho raha hy ehwal sunaon. Mai koi acha muqariir tu nahi on mgr jo kuch sada alfaz mai bayan kar sakta tha kia. ALLAH mere alfaz ko aur sachai atta farmai. Ameen.

Adnan Group ke mehnat ka he nateja hy k Tank jese medan e jang mai abh loog kafi sakon sy hain, yahan sabh ek dosre ka buhat khayal rakhty hain. Jo bhi khane ko ye orhne ko milta hy sabh mill bat kar ese share karte hain k kisi ke haq talafi nahi hoti. Mere buhat sare dost ya deegar loog mujh sy hamesha sy ek ajeeb sa sawal karte hain jo mere nazdeek (maaf kijye gaa) buhat he galat aur bhonda sawal hy jiss ke koi tuk nahi banti k mai Muslim tu hon mgr mera maslak kia hy. Mera jawab mukhtasir hota hy k mai tu buss Muslim hon aur ALLAH ka ek banda. Mgr phir bhi dost ehbab mujh sy ajeeb ajeeb qisam k sawalat karte hain. Mai ny buhat socha aur apne sathoun sy mashora kia k ess mushkil sy kese jan churai jai. Kiun k mere nazdeek muslim tu sirf muslim hota hy. Har muslim jo kalma e haq parta hy. ALLAH ke kitab, rasoolon, roz e hasher aur ALLAH k wahif hone par yaqeen rakhta hy wou tu hota he muslim hy tu fir ye maslak wali bat k kia mutlab hain, shayad loog mere naam ko ly kar mujhe Syed zada aur Ale Ali ya Ehl e tashi samjhty hon. Yahan tu masalik bhi etne ban gai hain k abh tu yehi sochty howe dar lagta hy k agr kisi maslak sy wabista na hono tu kia muslim reh sakte hain k nahi, (ye masla tu Ullma e karam) he bata sakte hain. Meri naqis aqal ma ALLAH par yaqeen aur ALLAH k batai howe raste par amal py yaqeen rakhne wala he muslaman hy abh ye maslak mamla tu bus masalik sy wabista afrad he janain. Mai ek muslim hon aur mujhe faqr hy k muslim hon, aur meri puri koshish yehi hoti hy k ALLAH k batai howe raste par amal karon aur apnea mal k zarye logon ko bhi dawat dun k ALLAH ka banaya howa rasta he HAQ, Sachai aur sahi rasta hy, baqi sabh tu yehi dunya hy jo jiss miqsar koshish karta hy uss ko usi miqdar silla ya agr milta hy.

Muhtram. Chahon tu yahan k halat par ek buaht bari taqreer kar sakta hon, buhat kuch esa hy jo abhi tak logon k samne nahi hy bayan kar sakta hon, tv media par akar apne number, member, maal o zar ekhata kar sakta hon. Mgr mera ALLAH hukam fermata hy k dosron ke bhalai esse andaz mai karo k ek hath agr dy tu dosre ko khabar na ho, ye jo thoda buhat likhta hon tu sir fess maqsad k tehat k mujhe jese noujawanon ko kuch aql aye aur wo bhi gumrahi aur khud parasti ka rasta chour k uss raste par chal parain jiss mai sari Ummat e muslima ke bhalai hy. Buhat arsa pele jabh Sawat gaya tu Moulana Soofi ko sunne ka etifaq howa, ek dafa sharf e mulaqat bhi milla, unn k khayalat aur rujhanat ko jabh sona tu esa laga k Adnan aur Soofi sahib k khayalat tu ek jese he hain, ye loog jin ko aaj pori dunya Taliban ya Al quaida k naam sy janti hy, ye sabh bhi tu wohi nizam e hakomat chahte hain jiss ka zikr Pakistan k constitiution mai hy, 1973 ka constition bhi shayad ek islami falahi mumlikat ke baat karta hy jiss mai sif aur sirf Islam ke baladasti ho, ALLAH k qawaneen ko amal mai laya jai wagera wagera tu phir wok on c baa thy jo hum ko enn Taliban type k logon sy alag karti hain, mai khud abhi tak ziada tar jeanz shirt he use karta hon, mujhe loog ajeeb nazron sy zaroor dekhte hain mgr aaj tak etiraz kisi ny nahi kia aur na he esse areas mai jahan mai kaam kar raha hon kabhi koi essa waqia howa k jis mai meri jeanz ko ya mere city style k balloon ko ly kar koi masla khara howa ho. Mera khayal hy k hum ko apne kapron, aur es sooch sy bahar nikal kar k kon kitna muslaman hy aur wo kia pehenta hy wagera wagera choor kar srf apnea mal ko he esa banana chahiye k jiss k baad kisi sy kuch kehne ya mangne ke zaroorat naa rahe. Balke humare amal ko esa hona chahiye k jiss ko dekh kar loog hum par bharosa karain aur yaqeen k sath yeah keh sakain k ye muslim bhai ya behen hy. Essi hazaron misalain Nabi kareem SAW ke shariyat mai bhari pari hain, mgr afsoos k hum logon ny tu shariyat aur quran ko sirf aur sirf apni dukandari k liye rakha howa hy, beside sabh kuch wesa hota hy jesa aam toor par hona chahiye.

Muhtram. Namaz k tym namaz ada karma, apne parosiun aur walidain k sath ezat aur ehtiram sy paish ana. Non muslim sath khaloos aur ehtiram sy paish ana. Haq dark o uss ka haq ada karna. Beemaron ke teemar dari karna, zakat fitra aur sadqat ada karna yehi sabh tu Islam ka juz hain, abh agr eghrai mai jain tu amal mai ekhtilaf ho sakta hy mgr bunyadi concept mai ikhtilaf na mumkin hy.

Mere doston, Adnan & Group k kamon ka maqsad har jiz koi naya political group ya wing banana ka nahi hy aur na he hum kisi bi mazhabi ya siyasi jamat sy koi relation rakhty hain, hum sirf wou karna chahty hain jiss sy humare bhaiun ko kuch lamhat khusiun k mayasar asakain. Hum apne gharon ko chor kar, esse medan e jang mai aa bethe hain jahan khud hamare liye buat mushkilat hain, mgr jabh bhi hum apne dosre bhaiun ke taraf dekhte hain tu hum apni takleef bhol jate hain.

Aaj k liye etna he kafi hy doston. ALLAH pak ny agr fir kabhi mouqa ata kia tu zaroor aur batain honge.

ALLAH pak hum sabh par reham farmain aur hum ko haq ko haq aur batil ko batil samjhne ke toufeeq ata farmai aur hum ko shuhrat aur dolat jese nasoor sy mehfooz farmai, Ameen.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Urgently Required

Asslam O Alikum Friends.

The Ashiyana Camp Bajour & Southern Waziristan is urgently required the followings of the personals. Please feel free to apply to work with us as volunteer / as paid staff / full time or on contract basis.


1. Doctors, (Child, Women, General)04-Positions.
2. Male / Female Nurses. 08-Positions.
3. Aid Nurse (Male). 04-Positions.
4. Dispensers (Male. 02-Positions.

1. Female Teachers for girls / boys class 1-4 (2-Positions)
2. Female Teachers for girls / boys class 5-6 (2-Positions)
3. Female Teachers for girls class 7-8 (2-Positions)
4. Female Teachers for girls class 9-10 (2-Positions)
5. Male Teachers for Class 5-8 (4-Positions)
6. Male Teachers for Class 9-10 (4-Positions)
7. Head of Teaching Staff (2-Positions)

10 Volunteers required on urgent basis who wants to work for the IDP's & victims of Waziristan & Malakand. (We are looking in you only the following),
* They must able to read and write Urdu.
* They must very polite, calm, friendly and honest to serve humanity.
* You must need to stay on the Ashiyana Camp atleast for a week (7-days).
* Volunteer need to work and assist in the daily work the senior members of Ashiyana
Camp (Waziristan / Malakand)

If you are full with the spirit to serve humanity, you wanna work for those who are not belongs your cast, family but they are Pakistani and Muslims, you likes to stay with them as a part of there family members and if you wants to be superior in the eyes of ALLAH Almighty. So, come and join us, give us your hand of courage to serve those Pakistani who never ever serve by any NGO before, nor by Govt organizations but we are going to serve them at there door step with all of our great zeal and love for them.

* Friends who wants to work as paid volunteer also feel free to join us at the most coldest war place to serve humanity. May be we are not offering you what is in your mind but I wants to assure you that we will pay you the high once more then others NGO's. Another hand this is just for ALLAH, As ALLAH told as many places in Quran "Do for the humanity as much as you can do" and The prophet Muhammad (SAW) ask all of the muslims in his last speech "The most superior is in the eyes of ALLAH are those who work for charity, who worked for humanity who worked for Islam on the right way only for ALLAH."

* Ashiyana Camp is totaly non NGO / Govt group. We are just friends / family memebrs of each others who are working for the humanity since 2005- earth quack. We don't like any any kind of the media promotions, name or fame. No one in our group is allowed to give interview, to show the images or videos or any kind of the media presentations, as this is not our cause. Our cause is only to serve humanity.

For the further queries, details and further plans of Ashiyana please feel free to ask anyone on the followings.

Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi

Seyda Faryal Zehra

Mansoor Ahmed

Syed Adnan Ali Navi
Assalam O Alikum to all friends.

ALLAH who is most merciful and beneficial for us. After working more than a year in Northern areas (Bajour, Sawat, Malakand, Waziristan) I am back at Karachi for few days. I am not only here to visit my family or friend but the main cause for this visit is to telling the truth about those areas, about my working, about the worse condition of the victims and IDP’s of there to every one as much as I can.

I’ve reached Karachi on 2nd December 2009 and I would stay here only for a week. Another hand Ashiyana Camp which is working for IDP’s of Malakand and Southern Waziristan since last many months need to be more organize by the management and funds, as always we are facing many problem about the low funds. After a detail discussion with many of the friends here at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad & Peshawar. Many of them are very much interested to work as volunteer as well as silent worker without any financial care (May ALLAH bless them ever, Amen), This is an honor for me being a Pakistan that many of Govt, Semi Govt and Armed Forces Officers contacted me and appreciate our team work and efforts to work with IDP’s. (ALLAH gives us more courage to do more and more for worse humanity, Amen).

I therefore making a group management with the kind permission of my all friends who are with me by there own or by there wish.

Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi
Ashiyana Camp Incharge)

Mansoor Ahmed
Head Financial Support / Coordination)

Syeda Faryal Zehra
Internet Relationship / Sr. Coordinator)

Muhammad Nadeem
Incharge Food / Clothes / Medicines)

Dr. Huma Kashan “W/o, Dr. Kashan, Late”
Incharge Children Affairs / Rehabilitation / Medicines)

Taimour Farhad
(Education / Books / Masjid / School)

Insha ALLAH we'll be able to do more and more for our brothers, sisters, children and Elders with this team.Please, feel free to contact with me or anyone who is in access for any contribution, advice, suggestion or help on there respective numbers or email addresses.

I am thanks full for all of the friends for there efforts whatever they are doing for the suffering humanity.

Jazak ALLAH.
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi