Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Details: January - February 2012, Social work with the flood victims in Badin - Sindh:

اسلام و علیکم
 ٹیم آشیانہ کے کام کی تفصیلات:

Details: January - February 2012, Social work with the flood victims in Badin - Sindh:

Funds (Donation) Details:
In Pak Ruppee’s
Bank Account   (Ali Ahmed and another “Qatar”)             : Rs. 2, 00,000/= (Two Lac in Pak rupee)
Money Gram “Usman Bhatii Bro (U.A.E)”                        : Rs. 1, 80,000/= (One Lac Eighty Thousands in Pak rupee)
From Western Union (Faryal Zehra “Canada”)               : Rs. 2, 00,000/= (Two Lac in Pak rupees)
Chodry Tahir (Lahore)                                                    : Rs. 50,000/= (Fifty Thousands in Pak rupee)
Mansoor Ahmad Family                                                   : Rs. 35, 000/= (Thirty Five Thousands in Pak rupee)           
                                        Total Amount                         : Rs 6, 65,000/= (Six Lac Sixty five Thousands)              

Raw stuff (Donation) Details:
Cloths for women (Old & New)        : 50 Nos (from Farhad Taimour M-TV)
Clothes for Children (Old & New)    : 50 Nos (Ms Badar Un Nissa’s family)
Medicines                                        : Nil
Food Stuff                                        : Nil
Others                                              : Nil

Raw stuff (Purchased) Details:
Medicines                                        : Rs. 3, 85,000/= (Three lac, Eighty Five Thousands)
Food Stuff                                        : Rs. 1, 50,000/= (One lac, Fifty Thousands)
Water                                               : Rs. 25,000/= (Twenty Five Thousands)
Wood, Coal, etc                               : Rs. 30,000/= (Thirty Thousands)
Warm Clothes, Blanket, Jacket etc    : Rs. 50,000/= (Fifty Thousands)
Transportation                                 : Rs. 40,000/= (Forty Thousands)
Other Raw stuff “Tent, other items”: Rs. 50,000/= (Fifty Thousands)                                                               
______Total Amount Expensive  : Rs. 7,30,000/= (Seven Lac, Thirty Thousands)                              
            Balance Amount                               : Rs. Nil                                                                                 
            Lend Amount                    : Rs. 65, 000/= (Sixty Five Thousands)                                             
·         Purchased slips, Vouchers and others papers are available (can be shown on request).

Area’s Visited in Jan – Feb 2012. Details:
=> Chachar Badin, Dohar Badin, Kher Badin, Matli Badin. Sanghoro Badin, Tando Bago Badin.
=> Visited more than 4000 victims of flood in above areas, Had Medicated and food supply into many.

We’re all member’s of team Ashiyana are thanksful to ALLAH Almighty to give us courage to do this act and to serve our brother’s and sister’s in Badin (Sindh)
Insha ALLAH we will serve our Brother’s, Sisters and children with the same spirit, and with the feeling of humanity.

Team Ashiyana is thankful for our Friends / Donor’s / Contributor’s, for there kind efforts, fund and supplies. May ALLAH gives us Agr e Azeem for this work and gives more courage to do this kind of the work in future.

List of Friends / Donor’s / Contributor for January – February ’12.  Session:
Sister Badar Un Nissa, (Karachi)
Sister Syeda Faryal Zehra (Canada).
Brother Abdullah (Un-known)
Brother Ali & Other (Doha – Qatar)
Brother Usman Bhatti & Other (U.A.E)
Brother Choudry Tahir (Lahore)
Brother Mansoor & Family (Karachi.
List of Volunteers for January – February ’12.  Session:
Sister Maham & Team (Szabist – Karachi)
Sister Anum & family (Karachi – Sindh)
Sister Badar Un Nissa & Family (Karachi – Sindh)
Dr Atiya Kher (Mirpurkhass – Sindh)
Dr Anil (Daddu – Sindh)
Dr Ahmad Nawaz (Karachi – Sindh
Brother Mansoor & Friends (Karachi – Sindh)
Brother Faisal (Lahore – Punjab)
Brother Khalil (Mirpur Mathilo -  Sindh)
Brother Qasim & Friends “Male Nurse” (Karachi – Sindh)
Sister Mariya & Friends “Nurse – LHV” (Karachi – Sindh)
Brother Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi (Chief Volunteer – Team Ashiyana)
Brother Nadeem (Karachi – Sindh)

Dear all, as you know that Team Ashiyana still not an organization or Registered group from Social Welfare Board Pakistan, For that we don’t have any organizational structure to work out. We are in our best try to reform our group but the Rate’s (Official & un-official) to register any N.G.O in Pakistan is so high and our funds can not meet with the said criteria (it is above one lac to be in official). We would like to work same as like we are working now-a-days, our friends, friends of friends, family members are our volunteers and we have proud on them to be a part of Team Ashiyana. May ALLAH give them Agr e Azeem for there work, Ameen.

Ps Note: Mansoor Ahmad (our team member) had accident is in the month of January 2012, while he was traveling from Badin (Sindh) to Karachi to receive some of his friends. He’s recovering, and hope he will join us in our upcoming session for Badin or Waziristan.

Mansoor’s Note: he had looted all of his personal (Domestic & International) contact at the time of accident, missed my mobile phone and other stuff. All of the friends are requesting to give him a buzz or text for the update his phone contact.

For the further details of our upcoming work or any kind of the assistance please contact in personal at following:

Call or Text us at : +92 313 279 8080 / +92 345 297 1618 / +92 333 342 6031 / +92 323265 2046.

Once again please accept our deep apology for late updates as all of our team member were in remote area's where digital facilities almost not available.  

Sister Faryal Zehra is Preparing another Team Ashiyana for our Waziristani Brother's and Sisters where life is so worse and the need our help in all ways. Volunteers and Friends will join Team Ashiyana Waziristan at the end of this month. Insha ALLAH.

جزاک الله خیر
سید عدنان الی نقوی اور ٹیم آشیانہ 
ایک اچھے، روشن، پر امن، اور خوشحال پاکستان کے لئے د عا گو.

Urgently Required Following Team Member’s:

اسلام و علیکم

Urgently Required Following Team Member’s and Supplier's:

  • Team Coordinator: A person who can coordinate Team Ashiyana (Waziristan) with its Volunteer’s in other’s cities and with the suppliers also. For the further details please contact in personal at team.ashiyana@gmail.com

  • Medicines Supplier: A person, related to pharmaceutical organization, who can meet our weekly or monthly medicines supply to Team Ashiyana (Waziristan). For the further details please contact in personal at team.ashiyana@gmail.com

  • Transporter: Can transport our Goods, Raw Metarial, Medicines from Major cities of Pakistan to our Camp at Badin (Sindh) and وزیرستان .

  • Food Stuff Supplier: Can supply our weekly food supply for the 400+ victims of War on terror in Waziristan, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

  • Cloth’s Supplier: Can supply cloths for Women and Children for all ages (Only on demand)

  • Mineral Water Supplier: Regular supply on weekly basis. (100 liter per week) in Waziristan – Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

For the all above please contact in personal at team.ashiyana@gmail.com or 
call / text us at +92 345 297 1618 (In case of switch off leave your message we’ll contact you as soon as we could be.

جزاک اللہ خیر
فریال زہرہ
ٹیم ممبر
ٹیم آشیانہ برائے وزیرستان