Monday, March 19, 2012

Life in Waziristan: (A short note by Team Ashiyana)

From Miramshah (North Waziristan):
اسلام و علیکم
Life has come to a standstill in most parts of North Waziristan Agency due to the non-stop curfew clamped by the authorities for three days.
There has been no business in the tribal region since Saturday as the authorities announced that curfew would be in place on the Bannu-Miramshah Road on Sunday. They later withdrew the announcement and clamped curfew on Monday and Tuesday.
The political administration clamps curfew for two days every week in Waziristan for movement of the security forces in the restive tribal region. The tribesmen complained that besides business and commercial institutions, all schools, government offices and the lone branch of a commercial bank have been closed for the past three days due to the curfew.
The students, who are going to take their annual intermediate examination, are also worried about their future as examination staff has not been able to arrive in Miramshah and Mir Ali so far due to the curfew. "We are not sure whether we will appear in the examinations or not as the staff is yet to arrive," said Mohammad Bilal, a student.
Besides the scheduled curfew, the residents of Kajhori and Mir Ali complained that the local administration in their areas had been imposing unannounced curfew daily after 5 p.m. and causing hardships to the villagers.

We are not is in the position to do much and more for the peoples who are infected by several virus infections, women who are pregnant and children suffering from many diseases. May ALLAH Help us - Ameen.
وولنٹیر ٹیم آشیانہ
آشیانہ کمپ
وزیرستان - خیبر پختونخوا