Saturday, June 25, 2011

Appeal For Dua (Prayers)

With The Name Of ALLAH Almighty

Assalam O Alikum,

This is to request with all of the friends, family members and readers tp pray for the Mother of Mansoor Ahmed (One of our beloved and active member/volunteer) is suffering from Cancer deseas since last two months. She had two (2) operation in past and another is in plan.
You are all requesting to remmeber her in your prayers. The team of Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Group wishing her to live long with health, Amen.
May ALLAH live her long. Amen.

Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi 
Ashiyana Camp,
Datta Khel, North Waziristan.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Message From North Waziristan

With The Name Of ALLAH Almighty

Assalam O Alikum,

We hope that you are all fine with your beloved, May ALLAH bless you ever, Ameen.

Muhtram, this is sorry to inform you that a few of the social projects of Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Group has been postponed due to shortage of the funds. Educational project for the age group of 4 years to 14 years. Masjid & Madarsa "Datta Khel". As we have a huge load of the victims who are migrating from remote area's of North Waziristan due to shortage of food and medical facilities. Currently we have 800 victims (including children, women & elders) and we are the responsible for the daily two time "morning & evening" food supply and medicines for them.
The detail of funds we collected from Karachi in last week. 

Donation details by Volunteer of Karachi:
·       Rice, Wheat (atta), Beans (Dalen), Spices (masala jaat), Sugar, Salt, Ghee & Oil. Qty – 78kg.
·       Clothes "Used & Old" 50 suites for children, 35 suites for women.
·       Shoes, Sandel, Chappal, 20 pairs.
·       Medicines worth of rupee 5 thousands.
·       Amount in Cash Rs. 5000/=
·       Amount by the A/c Rs. Nil.

Required Donation for Ashiyana Camp,"Datta Khel" North Waziristan:
·       Food stuff (in raw) worth of Rs. 6 - 7 Thousands for the daily two time food supply.
·       Medicines worth of Rs. 10,000/= for a weekly medical camp.
·       Amount for the transportation & others Rs. 8,000/= for a week.

Muhtram, as you know we are here since very long, not for the name or fame, not for any kind of the media publicity, nor for any other personal or social reasons but here to save humanity in the name of ALLAH Almighty. We had a very rough and tough time in past. We faced many troubles & problems. But we are still working in the remote areas of Pakistan where nobody wanna go due to peace and security situation. We are again inviting all of the media groups, International & National N.G.O's to come in these areas and work for the victims of war on terror. We know that few of the bad culprits are still in try to play a religious game with the victims but a lot of the peoples of these area are innocent they don't know the mean of war, religion and social ethics. They are so lovingly, honored, peaceful, sincer, caring and honest with the fait of Islam and brotherhood. Side by side Pak Army is playing a vital role to improve the daily life in these areas but here's a special need of civilian work for the local is in the sector of Education & Health.

A message from the resident of Ashiyana Camp, Datta Khel – North Waziristan: "We need schools, colleges here, and small business for the locals, roads, bridges for the transportation and peace & security to live in our areas with freedom. We don't wants Islam imposed by Taliban or Islamic Organization, but we want Islam which given by Hazrat Mohammad SAW. We don't want drones on our heads but we want Pakistanis forces & Agencies to save us from Terrorist & Jihadis. We don't want to see the label of Anti Muslim, or Anti Pakistani on our faces or families but we want the same freedom, others facilities like others Muslims & Pakistani's." 

Muhtram, We are not beggers but due to the worse financial condition and shortage of the funds we are making appeals for our Ashiyana Camp, in which more than 800 victims are living.
One day these peoples will help you in any kind of the problem or disaster, Insha ALLAH.

Hope to hear from you guys with a good sound. Insha ALLAH.

Jazak ALLAH.
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi
Ashiyana Camp,
Datta Khel, North Waziristan.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Help Us to save Humanity

Assalam O Alikum Friends,

As we are working on the remote area of North Waziristan to help poor, helpless and the victims of the war on terror. we have a responsibility on our shoulders of more than 700 peoples (including, children, women & older), We are the responsible of there two time food supply on daily basis, medicines and clothes.

Our team is visiting Karachi from today to collect the Food Stuff, Clothes, Medicines & others stuff. please contact with them for your donation and supplies.

May ALLAH Bless on you.

Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Team.
+92 342 265 0964
+92 323 846 6089
+92 333 342 6031

Friday, June 03, 2011

From North Waziristan with peace & Love

With The Name Of ALLAH Almighty

Assalam O Alikum,
May ALLAH peace on you and your beloved, Amen. As you know that we are working for the victims of War on Terror & Flood effective since last few years. We have been faced many of the problems during these relief efforts. Some time we‘d faced Extremist who wants to stop us from this work a few time we send to back end from the forces. But, AL HAMD UL ALLAH, we are here and we are serving our peoples as much as we can.
Unfortunately, we are unable to make proper update and contact with our friends who are helping us from different ways. This is just because of the lack of funds for our relationship (Social Relation Volunteer) as we don’t have laptop, digital mobile phones. We’re just using simple phones to be in contact and Internet as we get in the city from any local internet cafĂ©. We don’t want to make bother our friends from our appeals for the funds, appeals for the volunteers. We just want to make aware our people about the situation and working efforts from the team of ASHYIANA “Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Friends”. Adnan also don’t wants to make any kind of the media campaign for this social work as the one and only motive is “To serve Humanity for the name of ALLAH Almighty”, and we are doing our well.

Hum ne aaj tak jo kuch bhi kia hai ya kar rahe hain wo sirf aur siorf ALLAH ke raza aur khushnudi hasil karne k liye kar rahe hain, 2005 k earthquake k baad se aaj tak ka safer buhat mushkil, kathan aur dushwar raha hai. Kabhi kabhi hum 1 – 1 ruppes k liye pareshan rahe hain mgr ALLAH pak ne hum ko hamesha har emithan se nikala hai. Hum aksar ye shikwa karte rahe k “Aye ALLAH hum ye sabh jo kar rahe hiain ye akhir hai kiss liye? Ye sabh kiun kar rahe hain? Kahin hum bhatke howe tu nahe? Kahi hum kuch galat tu nahi kar rahe hain k jiss ke waja se hum hamesha mushkilat se pareshan rehte hain?” Mgr humare zameer ke awaz ati hai k ye emtihan humara nahi hai asal emtihan tu un logon ka hai jo buhat kuch karne ke hesiyat rakhte hain mgr kar nahi pate. Hum tu yahan beth kar dua karte hain k ALLAH un sabh ko hidaya t ata farmai aur hum ko Hidayat, hosla, sabr, estiqamat aur toufeeq ata farmai k hum sabh bhi mazeed dil-o-jan se apne hum watno aur enn muslaman bhai behno aur bacho k sahi se khidmat kar sake. Hum ne Azad Kashmir, Sawat, Malakand, South Waziristan, North Waziristan Aur buhat se areas mai kaam kia, har jaga buhat mushkilat se nabard azma rahe, esi esi mushkilat aye k alfaz mai bayan karma mushkil hai. “Adnan Ke Dairy – BBC Urdu” likhne k time hum ko andaza he nahi tha k humara ye safar etna lamba aur kathin hoga, Mgr ALAH pak ne jo rasta dikhaya uss mai he shayad hum sabh ke falah hai, Hum ko buhat doston ne join kia, kuch ess safar mai thoda sath rahe aur kuch abhi tak hain aur kuch darmiyan mai he sath choor gae. Hum ne hamesha sabh k liye dua kari hai aur abh bhi karte hain K “Aye ALLAH Pak, tu be niaz hai, karam karne wala hai, Nijat ata karne wala hai, Raheem hai, Kareem hai, hum sabh ke magfirat farma, hum sabh ko sedha rasta dikha wo rasta k jiss par chal kar hum Deen-o-dunya aur akhirat ke falah hasil kar sakain. Amen”

Muhtram, hum hamesha appeal karte rahe hain k hum ko yahan kia chahiye, hum ko kin cheezon ke zaroorat hai, hum kiss qisam k halat se pareshan hain, kuch dost call karte hain, kuch txt, kuch email aur jo kuch wo karne ka wada karte hain uss mai se shayad srf 5% he wafa ho pata hai. Hum koi shikwa nahi kar sakte, hum appeal he karsakte hain.
North Waziristan aaj jin halat se nabard azma hai ess ka andaza cities mai rehne wale log bilkul nahi kar sakte aur jo karma chahte hain wo sirf one week k liye AHIYSANA camp ko join karain, aap ko buhat achi tarhan andaza aur yaqeen ho jae gaa k yeahan kia chal raha hai. Drone attack mai tu mout ek dafa he ati hai. K bomb phata aur mar gae, mgr jo loog beemar hai, jin logon ko gharon se nikal kar edher udhar rakha gaya hai, job ache apne walideen kho chuke hain, jo behne apne husbands aur gher walon se mehroom ho chuki hai, enn ka koi wali waris nahi hai. Shuru mai kuch log ate hain, dilasa dete hain aur chale jate hain fir koi palat k kuch pochta tak nahi hai. Koi dekhta tak nahi hai k kon zinda hai aur kon mar gaya. Yahan k normal log har wqt zehni azab ka shikar rehte hain, Yahan kuch pata nahi k forces wale akar mar dain, American drones se mare jain ya fir koi Bunyad pasand ya shidat pasand. ALLAH k fazl o karam se hum ek muslim k hesiyat se ess bat par pora yaqeen rakhte hain k Mout bar haq hai aur ek din hum ko apne RAB k agy jawab de hona hai. Ek din hum ko humare RAB ne bolana hai hamesha hamesha k liye abh humari team mai se kisi bhi member koi mout ka koi khoof nahi, ek khoof hamesha rehta hai k agr hum bhi yahan se chale gait u hum ye jo buhat kaam logon ke khidmat kar rahe hain enn sabh ko dekhne wala kon hoga. Hum ne kuch media groups ko letter likhe, email kari k koi aye tu sahi, yahan ana etna mushkil bhi nahi, mgr humare media k doston ko bhi zara fursat nahi hai kiun k pore Pakistan mai Govt ya against govt k eek jang lari jaa rahi hai aur hum sabh ess drama ko dekh kar buhat khush ho rahe hain. Hum Piza hut, Mcdonalds, Fat food k maze tu loot sakte hain mgr yahan k bhooke logon k liye ek time ke rooti ka bandobast karte howe ghabrate hain, Hum apne liye ya apne bacho k liye ache se ache doctor ko dhoondhte hain mgr yahan k bache jo serious beemariun ka shikar hain un k liye koi doctor tu kia ek pera medic ka bandobast tak nahi kar sakte hain, medicines kia hoti hain yahan kisi ko pata tak nahi. Haan gooliun ke ghan garaj, drons ke awazain, forces k ane ka dar yahan pe rehne wale eke k ensan k dimagh mai basa howa hai. Yahan regular namaz tu jese tese ada ho he jati hain mgr Jumme ke namaz k liye loog gharon se nikalte howe bhi darte hain k kahi jumme ke namaz k ejtima mai humare amrican dost ye na samjh bethe k koi anti American ya anti Pakistani meeting chal rahi hai aur namaz k ejtima pe he hamla kardain.

Koi yaqeen kare na kare, mane ya na mane, mgr hum yahan ye bata dain k yahan k logo 2 waqt ke rooti k liye bhi pareshan hain, doctor ya medicines yahan par kherat mai bhi nahi. Taleem ka tu koi haal he nahi, hum ne apne camp mai jese tese class 1 se class 8 tak ke taleem ka entizam kia mgr ess ko continue rakhna buhat mushkil ho gaya kiun k humare camp mai har roz 20-25 afrad ajate hain jin k liye khane ka entizam humari pehli koshish hoti hai. Hum ko koi rashin (raw food material) bhi udhar nahi deta k hum utar sake bhi k nahi.

Abh jabke ek naya opration shuru hu chukka hai (yad rahe k yahan tu operation chal he raha hai, mgr abh thoda bare level par hona shuru howa hai) tu ess mai jane aur kitne loog gheron se be ghar honge. Jane aur kitni behno k suhag khatam honge, kitne bache apni families se door honge. Aur jane kitne sitam hone baqi hain.

Yahan ke dukh bhari kahani sunane ya likhne ka ye maqsad nahi k aap humdardi ka ezhar karain ya aap ye samjhai k hum apni fund raising k liye ye sabh likh rahe hain. Ye zaroor hai k hum jin jin ko jante hain un k agai he hath phelate hain, un se he maddad ke appeal karte hain, un se he guzarish karte hain, mgr koi kisi ko majboor nahi kar sakta, koi pressure nahi daal sakta. Kiun k hum ko Ane ALLAH par pora bharsoa aur yqaeen hai k jiss ne hum ko ess kaam pe lagaya hai aur aaj tak karwa raha hai woohi humare liye asbaab bhi faraham kare gaa, hum apne kaam se nahi ruk sakt na he yahan apne kaam ko adhoora choor kar kahi ja sakte hain, Kiun k ye ek muslim ka eman hota hai k jo kaam ALLAH k naam se shuru kia jata hai uss ko khatam karwana aur kamyabi bhi ALLAH k he ekhtiyar mai hai, ALLAH pak hum sabh ko ess emtihan mai kamyab farmai, hum sabh ko mazeed aur ziada kaam karne ke toufeeq, hidayat aur asbaab farahim kare – Ameen.

Akhir mai Hum sabh (Ashiyana Datta Khel – North Waziristan Team) yahan per moujood humarae waziristani bhai, behne aur bache hum sabh aap k liye dua karte hain k aap bhi yahan aye, humare halat dekhe, aur yahan se wapis ja kar bahar k logon ko yahan k halat se agah kare. Shayad k ess tarhan kuch aur loog yahan aye aur yahan k logon k liye hum se behtr kuch ache kaam kar sake – Ameen.

Yahan hum apne camp ke current situation likh rahe hain, jiss se aap ko andaza ho jae gaa k hum kahan hain, kia kar rahe hain aur kia karma chah rahe hain aur kiss qisam k halat se guzr rahe hain.
Sath he ye appeal bhi karte hain k, Hum apna kaam apni pori emandari aur diyanat dari se karne ke koshish kar rahe hain, ess mai yaqeenan kotahiyan hoti rahi hain aur hoti hain, mgr fir bhi hum essi koshish mai hain k hum se kahi koi kami na reh jae ya kami reh jae.

Hum aap se ek dafa fir appeal karte hain k humari madad farmai, hum ko na he raqam ke zaroorat hai na he funds ke hum ko jin cheezon ke zaroorat hai aap uss mai apna hisa daal sakte hain, thoda thoda kar k he hum apni zorooraton ko asani se pora kar sakte hain. Aap sirf niyat kariye, uss ko pora karne ka wada ALLAH pak ne kar rakha hai. Hum dua karsakte hain, ajr aur jaza ka wada ALLAH pak ne kar rakha hai.

Jazak ALLAH.
Ashiyana Team – Datta Khel, North Waziristan.
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Friends.

Ashiyana Camp Statistics;
Number of Women Victim; 327 (till 2nd June 2011)
Number of Men victims; 130 (till 2nd June 2011)
Number of Children victims; 415 “age group 1month – 14 years” (till 2nd June 2011)
Total number of victims in camp; 872 (till 2nd June 2011)

Volunteer’s working in Ashiyana camp Datta Khel, North Waziristan.
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi (Worker, Supervisor, Head of the Camp)
Syeeda Faryal Zehra (Incharge Supply, food . medicines)
Mohammad Nadeem (Incharge daily routine food supply)
Asgher Ali (Volunteer)
Mehroz (Volunteer)
Asif Khan (Volunteer)
Rouf Bhai (Volunteer)
Asmatullah Jan (Volunteer)
Faisal Bhai (Volunteer)
Nazia Bibi (Volunteer)
Ayesha Khan (Volunteer)
Rubab Khan (Volunteer)
Rahila Baji (Volunteer)
Total Number of Volunteer’s working in Ashiyana Camp; 13

Volunteer for the collection of Food, Medicines, Clothes etc (in different cities of Pakistan)
• Mansoor Ahmed “Karachi” # +92 334 228 9783 /
• Faisal bhai “Lahore” # +92 323 846 6089.
• Arif Bhai “Rawalpindi / Islamabad” # +92 3432 265 0964

For any kind of the query, donation, or personal contact with the Ashiyana team please contact on +92 345 297 1618. Or email us at

Hum ko ALLAH pak pe pora bharosa hai k hum tu buhat kaam logon k liye ye kaam kar paa rahe hain lekin yahan k halat jaan lene k baad yahan aur bhi teams aye gee jo yahan k logon k liye hum se barh kar aur hum se ziada kaam kare gee. ALLAH pak hum sabh ko toufeeq aur hidayat ata farmae, Ameen.


List of urgent require items for Ashiyana Camp, North Waziristan – Datta Khel:

Food Items:
• Rice, Floor, Beans (Dalain), Spices (masala jaat), Sugar, Ghee, Coking Oil, Powder Milk etc. (In heavy quantity- currently we’re supply two time of the food to the victims)
• Wood, Stove, Burner, Match box, Candle’s or Lalten (for coking & night time usage)
• Tomato, Potato, & others vegetables (can use for a week)

• All kind of the clinical medicines for general disease (fever & cold, lose motion, chest infections specially for the children & women)
• Thermometer (Qty: 100), BP Apparatus (Qty: 15), Stethoscope (Qty 15).

• Old / Used or new clothes (specially for the children & women) “In heavy quantities”

• Junk food “Biscuits, Wafers, Chips etc” (If available).

Yahan ek large level operation hona shuru howa hai jiss ke wajha se yahan par Volunteers ke buhat kami hai. Jahan tak hum ko pata hai yahan sirf Save the children name k eek NGO kaam kar rahe hai aur wo bhi buhat he mehdood (limitations) k sath. Zaroorat ess bat ke hai k yahan bhi Abdul Satar Edhi sahib, Ansar Barni Sahib, Asma Jahangeer Sahiba, Chippa sahib jese loog apni apni teams k sath tashreef lain aur yahan k logon k liye yahan k logon k sath mil kar kaam karain, Hum ko pora yaqeen hai k Humara yea pegham enn logon tak zaroor puhanche gaa aur ye loog yahan k logon k liye zaroor kaam karain ge.

Aap ke duaon k muhtaj / talbgar
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Friends
Ashiyana Camp – Datta Khel, North Waziristan.