Friday, June 24, 2011

A Message From North Waziristan

With The Name Of ALLAH Almighty

Assalam O Alikum,

We hope that you are all fine with your beloved, May ALLAH bless you ever, Ameen.

Muhtram, this is sorry to inform you that a few of the social projects of Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Group has been postponed due to shortage of the funds. Educational project for the age group of 4 years to 14 years. Masjid & Madarsa "Datta Khel". As we have a huge load of the victims who are migrating from remote area's of North Waziristan due to shortage of food and medical facilities. Currently we have 800 victims (including children, women & elders) and we are the responsible for the daily two time "morning & evening" food supply and medicines for them.
The detail of funds we collected from Karachi in last week. 

Donation details by Volunteer of Karachi:
·       Rice, Wheat (atta), Beans (Dalen), Spices (masala jaat), Sugar, Salt, Ghee & Oil. Qty – 78kg.
·       Clothes "Used & Old" 50 suites for children, 35 suites for women.
·       Shoes, Sandel, Chappal, 20 pairs.
·       Medicines worth of rupee 5 thousands.
·       Amount in Cash Rs. 5000/=
·       Amount by the A/c Rs. Nil.

Required Donation for Ashiyana Camp,"Datta Khel" North Waziristan:
·       Food stuff (in raw) worth of Rs. 6 - 7 Thousands for the daily two time food supply.
·       Medicines worth of Rs. 10,000/= for a weekly medical camp.
·       Amount for the transportation & others Rs. 8,000/= for a week.

Muhtram, as you know we are here since very long, not for the name or fame, not for any kind of the media publicity, nor for any other personal or social reasons but here to save humanity in the name of ALLAH Almighty. We had a very rough and tough time in past. We faced many troubles & problems. But we are still working in the remote areas of Pakistan where nobody wanna go due to peace and security situation. We are again inviting all of the media groups, International & National N.G.O's to come in these areas and work for the victims of war on terror. We know that few of the bad culprits are still in try to play a religious game with the victims but a lot of the peoples of these area are innocent they don't know the mean of war, religion and social ethics. They are so lovingly, honored, peaceful, sincer, caring and honest with the fait of Islam and brotherhood. Side by side Pak Army is playing a vital role to improve the daily life in these areas but here's a special need of civilian work for the local is in the sector of Education & Health.

A message from the resident of Ashiyana Camp, Datta Khel – North Waziristan: "We need schools, colleges here, and small business for the locals, roads, bridges for the transportation and peace & security to live in our areas with freedom. We don't wants Islam imposed by Taliban or Islamic Organization, but we want Islam which given by Hazrat Mohammad SAW. We don't want drones on our heads but we want Pakistanis forces & Agencies to save us from Terrorist & Jihadis. We don't want to see the label of Anti Muslim, or Anti Pakistani on our faces or families but we want the same freedom, others facilities like others Muslims & Pakistani's." 

Muhtram, We are not beggers but due to the worse financial condition and shortage of the funds we are making appeals for our Ashiyana Camp, in which more than 800 victims are living.
One day these peoples will help you in any kind of the problem or disaster, Insha ALLAH.

Hope to hear from you guys with a good sound. Insha ALLAH.

Jazak ALLAH.
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi
Ashiyana Camp,
Datta Khel, North Waziristan.