Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ashiyana Camp For IDPs of North Waziristan: Current Situation (25-06-2014)

Muhtram Doston aur Sathiun,
Assalam O Alikum

A lot of stories from IDPs of North Waziristan. My other volunteers and friends are asking me to write for them but how would I write as a lot of work need to be done in a very short timing. Still hope is not coming for them. Jawans of forces are in there best to accommodate our brothers and sisters who are still coming from North Waziristan a few of volunteers from local and our team also busy in work but this is not enough. We are not allowed to have snap shoots, capture images nor to record any videos due to security risk at yet may be any big media organization could do it easily but haven't seen any media organization inside the camp here. 

A big thanks:
  • It was unexpected from our Karachi friends and volunteers to have any contact. But today we'd have a contact from our good friend from Karachi. They've told us that Medicines of an amount of Pak Rs. 80,000/= (Eighty Thousands) has been collected and on the way for F.R. Bannu, IDPs camp which could be reached in a day or two. Jazak ALLAH.
  • Our friends and volunteers from Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar told us that they are collecting Raw food stuff, Drinking water and other things instead of money. A big thanks to all of the friends who are helping Team Ashiyana for IDPs at this stage. Jazak ALLAH. Hope that these things would be sent to us here at Bannu in short time. (We need help and assistance ASAP.
  • We are thankful to our brother Qazi Jalal @JalalQazi (Twitter) for his kind assistance and promise to help us in any mean for the IDPs work. Hope for an active and rapid work on ground by himself and his guys - Insha ALLAH.
Details of Contributions, Funds, Aid (As on Wednesday, June 25th. 2014):
Received Funds at: 

Ms. Badar un Nissa.
A/c # 0100-34780-0.
United Bank Limited.
Gulistan e Joher Branch. (1921)
Karachi, Pakistan.
Swift Code: UNILPKKA
Pak Rs: 35,000/= (Thirty Five thousands) only. from our friends (U.A.E & Canada)

Received Funds at Westren Union: By "Mansoor Ahmed":
Pak Rs: 15,000/= (Fifteen Thousands) From our friends (U.S.A) 

Other Aid for IDP's:
Karachi: Medicines worth of Pak Rs. 80,000/= (Eighty Thousands) "On the way from Karachi to F. R. Bannu".
Raw Stuff:
Rice: 50kg, Flour 80kg, Sugar 20kg, Tea 3kg, (Collected by volunteers Lahore, Pindi and Peshawar)

Dates (Khajoor): 15kg (Collected by volunteers at Peshawar)

Drinking Water:
1000 liter (Collected by volunteers Lahore, Pindi and Peshawar)

All above are reported us to be at here IDPs camp as soon as we'd have an opportunity for transportation. Insha ALLAH

We are requesting to our beloved nation and all of those who have heart for humanity to help our brother and sisters who are suffering in very warm weather and waiting for your help. 
This is not necessary to use our link or channel to help them out. You can use any of your choice who are working on the ground but it is a personal request do not use any political link as only Insafians are working on the ground for the help IDPs as volunteers and local peoples side by side with the Jawans of Pak Armed forces. 
We have 14 volunteers with us here at Ashiyana Camp For IDPs of North Waziristan with almost 300 IDPs under the supervision of locals and armed forces. In try our best to feed our brother and sisters with children but have issues with low funding and minimum aid for them. Insha ALLAH we'll make it with the help of Almighty ALLAH and our friends. 

A detail report from the ground of IDPs camp is also on the table of our volunteers for the editing will be published shortly. Insha ALLAH.

We are again requesting to everyone who is reading this blog in any reference do not forget to help our brother and sisters who are suffering for us for nation for Pakistan. This is the time to show our strength with them. This is the time to show our hand of courage with them. This is the time to show the world that we are Pakistani and we are united. Please use Armed Forces channel to submit your funds, raw stuff in your cities or any other NGO who is working for the IDPs of North Waziristan. We are sure we will get over on this issue with together. Insha ALLAH.

Adnan Bhai message from the ground of Ashiyana Camp for IDPs (F. R. Bannu, FATA. Pakistan):
Dear brother and sisters I have nothing to say, I just wanna let everybody knows who is in Pakistan or out of the country, Who else belongs from any faith, cast, religion area, province, language, political party etc. If anybody has heart for humanity so don;t wait for the right moment. Let come here at IDPs camp, and work for them, Help them to set at here. Stay in tents and help other volunteers to feed them to accommodate them. Help our forces to get easy from this work and concentrate on the there real work. I have a lots of stories from IDPs they are all in trouble, they leave there homes there local business for us, for the best future of Pakistan. So please please please let us show that they are not alone the whole nation is standing with them. 

Another detail story is already sent to my friend (Volunteer) to write in proper way and share with others. 

Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi
Ashiyana Camp For IDPs. F. R. Bannu. FATA. Pakistan.

PS: If anybody wanna be volunteer or donate us by any thing (Raw stuff, Clothes, Medicines, Drinking water or by funds etc) Please use the link given below.
Twitter: @F4Faryal  / @TeamAshiyana