Sunday, December 06, 2009

Urgently Required

Asslam O Alikum Friends.

The Ashiyana Camp Bajour & Southern Waziristan is urgently required the followings of the personals. Please feel free to apply to work with us as volunteer / as paid staff / full time or on contract basis.


1. Doctors, (Child, Women, General)04-Positions.
2. Male / Female Nurses. 08-Positions.
3. Aid Nurse (Male). 04-Positions.
4. Dispensers (Male. 02-Positions.

1. Female Teachers for girls / boys class 1-4 (2-Positions)
2. Female Teachers for girls / boys class 5-6 (2-Positions)
3. Female Teachers for girls class 7-8 (2-Positions)
4. Female Teachers for girls class 9-10 (2-Positions)
5. Male Teachers for Class 5-8 (4-Positions)
6. Male Teachers for Class 9-10 (4-Positions)
7. Head of Teaching Staff (2-Positions)

10 Volunteers required on urgent basis who wants to work for the IDP's & victims of Waziristan & Malakand. (We are looking in you only the following),
* They must able to read and write Urdu.
* They must very polite, calm, friendly and honest to serve humanity.
* You must need to stay on the Ashiyana Camp atleast for a week (7-days).
* Volunteer need to work and assist in the daily work the senior members of Ashiyana
Camp (Waziristan / Malakand)

If you are full with the spirit to serve humanity, you wanna work for those who are not belongs your cast, family but they are Pakistani and Muslims, you likes to stay with them as a part of there family members and if you wants to be superior in the eyes of ALLAH Almighty. So, come and join us, give us your hand of courage to serve those Pakistani who never ever serve by any NGO before, nor by Govt organizations but we are going to serve them at there door step with all of our great zeal and love for them.

* Friends who wants to work as paid volunteer also feel free to join us at the most coldest war place to serve humanity. May be we are not offering you what is in your mind but I wants to assure you that we will pay you the high once more then others NGO's. Another hand this is just for ALLAH, As ALLAH told as many places in Quran "Do for the humanity as much as you can do" and The prophet Muhammad (SAW) ask all of the muslims in his last speech "The most superior is in the eyes of ALLAH are those who work for charity, who worked for humanity who worked for Islam on the right way only for ALLAH."

* Ashiyana Camp is totaly non NGO / Govt group. We are just friends / family memebrs of each others who are working for the humanity since 2005- earth quack. We don't like any any kind of the media promotions, name or fame. No one in our group is allowed to give interview, to show the images or videos or any kind of the media presentations, as this is not our cause. Our cause is only to serve humanity.

For the further queries, details and further plans of Ashiyana please feel free to ask anyone on the followings.

Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi

Seyda Faryal Zehra

Mansoor Ahmed

Syed Adnan Ali Navi