Friday, August 27, 2010

An Appeal from Naushehra Khyber Pakhtoonkhwah.

With the name of ALLAH Almighty

Assalam O Alikum.

With due respect, please accept our deep appology for being late on blogspot and in personal contact regardng our works. But, as you know we are working in the area which are fully effected and there's no internet access is available for the proper corresponding. Today few of our volunteer's came here at Rawalpindi for the purchasing of few things with medicines for our medical camp at Naoushehra. and we are able to contact and update our friends with our works.

What we did in last date:

Dear all, here's a summary of our works, which we have done with the flood victims in Naushehra, Chaharsada , Akora Khatak and arround.

Medical camp: Approx: 2250 childs and women has been treated with medicines.

Food stuff: Approx: 500 poeples has been served with one time meal (at dinner) on last 7-8 days.

Clothes: about 3800 suites has been distributed into kids, womens and mens is in the Naushehra & Chaharsada areas in last 10


Water filter plant: there're two water filter plant in pipe line and awaiting for the final approval from local authorites (allocation of the

place for instalation).

What we wants to do as more:

My friends there are many things are in front of ours to do, but now me and my firneds has decided to continue with medical camps a kind of mobile medical camp, in which I've need to medicate especially kids b/w 1month to 14-years. We wants to medicate womens, who are facing many of the issues after the flood. But, unfortunatly we dont have enough amount with us to purchase medicines, we dont have any consultant or physician with us. we dont have a number of peramedic with us.

Please, treat this message as request, as an appeal from our brother's, sisters and kids of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. We are looking for a large number of Doctors "Specially for kids & ladies" a large number of peramedics and a huge amount of the medicines "specially child & women related". So, please come here at Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa with your teams and mediciens and help out the vicitms of the flood.


Your Brother

Mansoor Ahmed & Team.

For contact: +92 333 3426031 / +92 313 279 8085 / +92 323 846 6089