Thursday, September 29, 2011

Team Ashiyana: Work Report from Badin, Sindh.

اسلام و علیکم
آج کچھ دن کے بعد حاضر ہونے کے لئے معذرت چاہتے ہیں. ہم لوگ اپنے کام مے کچھ اس قدر مگن اور اسے علاقوں مے چلے گے کے جہاں نا ہی پانی تھا اور نا ہی موبائل سگنلزتھے جس کی وجہ سے ہم کو کراچی مے موجود اپنے وولنٹیر سے بھی رابطہ کرنے مے بہت پریشانی کہ سامنا رہا
سید عدنان علی نقوی اور ہم صبح دوستوں نے مل کر اتنے دنوں مے کیا کام کیا اور کتنے فنڈز آے اوراستمال ہوۓ ان کہ خلاصہ درج کر رہے ہیں، انشا الله ابھ پوری کوشش ہوگی کے ہمارے دوست ہمارے کام سے ہر وقت آگاہ رہیں

Details of funds which received from: "September 27, till September 29, 2011."

Amount received from Bank, Western Union, Money Gram, Easy Pesa etc

From Abullah Bhai (Money gram): Rs. 34,500/= (Thirty four thousands & five hundred only)
From Qatar (in bank): Rs. 50,000/= (Fifty thousands only)
From Aizad Malik Bhai "U.A.E" (in bank): Rs. 14,000/= (Fourteen Thousands only)
From Dr. Hasnat "Islamabad" (Easy Pesa": Rs 25,000/= (twenty five thousands only)
Total amount received: Rs.  1,23,500/= (One lac, twenty three thousands & five hundred only)

Medicines, Clothes, Drinking Water, Food stuff:
Drinking Water: 1200 liter (Rs. 25/= for bottle) 25 x 1200 = Rs. 30,000/=
Medicines: Worth of Rs. 80,000/= (eighty thousands only)
Conveyance, transportation: Rs. 10,000/= (Ten thousands only)
Total Expensive: Rs. 12,00,00/= (One lac & twenty thousands only)
Remain in bank at on 29-09-2011: Rs. 3,500/= (Three thousands & five hundred only)

Medicines, Clothes, Drinking water, Food stuff:
Edhi Trust "Abdul Sattar Edhi Sahib":  Shroud "Coofan". 1000 nos.
Ms. Badar Un Nissa: Clothes: for 500 women, for 500 children.
Mr. Ehsan Mumtaz: Food Stuff: Worth of Rs. 10,000/= (Ten thousands only)
Ms. Aliya Imam: Medicines: Worth of Rs. 20,000/= (Twenty Thousands only)
Mansoor Ahmed. Clothes. for 150 children's.
Faryal Zehra. Medicines: worth of Rs. 25,000/= (Twenty five thousands only)

Al Hamd Ul ALLAH,
We have served more then 2000 (two thousands) Women & Children victims of the flood and two babies also had born in our field medical camp is in the area of Samaro, Badin, Sindh.

Team Ashiyana is working with the same spirit and hard working for the flood victims and we are here till our brother & sister are here in this situation - Insha ALLAH.

Another thing need to be noted: We have sold out our camera's, laptop and expensive mobile phone which were the only wat to get in toush with out friends and family members. One of the volunteer Farhan Bhai (Szabist - Karachi) told us to bring his laptop and other's diveces which may be availablable at the end of this week. We might be able to update our pictures and other stuff onwards - Insha ALLAH.

In last, we are thankful to all of our friends, and family members to trust on us. and to give there strong hand of the courage to work with these victims as hunderds of thousands still are in danger.

We still required:
Medicines: In Huge Quantity
Drinking Water: In huge Quantity
Clothes: if available
Food Stuff: if available
"Our first priority to serve these victims with drinking water & medicines.

اپنے تمام دوستوں سے شکریہ اور اس دعا کے ساتھ ک ہمارا رب ہماری اس چھوٹی سی محنت کو اپنی بارگاہ مے قبول فرماے، اور ہم کو ہمت، حوصلہ اور صبر ک ساتھ یہاں کام کرنے کی توفیق عطا فرماے. الله پاک ہمارے لئے غیب سے اسباب فراہم فرماے، اور ہمارے اس مشکل سے گھرے بھائی بہنوں کو جلد از جلد پھر سے خوشالی اور عزت احترام عطا فرماے، امین
آپ سب کہ شکر گزار
سید عدنان علی نقوی اور دوست
ٹیم آشیانہ، سومارو، بدین. سندھ