Saturday, March 06, 2010

Waziristan IDP's (Help from Karachi)

بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalam O Alikum Brother & Sister’s

The details of the Aid which is taken on bheek mission for the IDP’s & Victims of war on terror. From Karachi in my last visit;

Dates from February 27th 2010 till March 6, 2010.

We would like to pay our special thanks to the following peoples for there hidden support.

Ms. Fouzia Sultana (Human rights activist)
Mr. Fawad Alam
Mr. Farooq Zakaria (Memon Group)
Mr. Mubashir  “To pay your special attention and save us from media and lights.”

I am very much thankful to all of the friends and family members to give me this support as this seems to be a very low and short amount or quantity but this is very huge for those who haven’t anything to live.

Here’s the list of the items / others which I've received from the peoples.
As me and my friends was unable to visit all of the areas of Karachi so we made a camp at Gulistan e Joher & another @ Nazimabad. And the collection or contribution are as following;

General Items:
  • Clothes for Kids & younger (qamez / shalwar, baba suites etc), ages 3-20, Quantity:178 suites.
  • Clothes for babies & ladies (qamez / shalwar, baby suites etc), ages 5-30, Qty: 63 suites.
  • Clotes for olders (qamez / shalwar etc), ages 30-50, Qty 40 suites.
  • Chappal / Shoes / Sandels etc, for all ages: 50 pairs.
  • Blankets / Bed sheets etc, Qty: 50.

Food Stuff:
  • Flour (atta), Qty 460kg.
  • Rice (chawal) 80kg.
  • Sugar (shakkar) 50kg.
  • Milk Powder. 50kg.
  • Tea 5kg.
  • Spices (mix) 4kg.
  • Beans (dallain) 20kg.
  • Biscuits, Chips etc, (2- big bag).
  • Match box, Lamp, Candles, Oil, Ghee etc (2- bags).
  • Medicines for cough, flue, fever etc (1- bag) “worth of Rs. 2500/=”
  • Antibiotics (1- bag) “worth of Rs. 6000/=”
  • Others (1-bag) “worth of Rs. 1800/=”

Money (currency).
Amount in Rs. 18500/= (in cash)
Amount in other currency, (Nil)

Money transfer by Account / Western Union:
(Rs. 5000/=) 

Other Money Transfer:

Dear all,
As everybody knows we are not an organization but we did our best try to reach or approach those areas where nobody has gone & same as last we will try our best to distribute these items with the help of Pak Army or by our self into deserving peoples of the infected areas. In this time my focus are on the IDP’s of Waziristan who are living in the schools, tents or others locations around Tank, DI Khan etc.

Insha ALLAH, we will try to continue our mission as the same spirit as we are doing.

Jazak ALLAH.
Your brother
S. Adnan Ali Naqvi.

Note: This message is publishing by Syeda Faryal Zehra (Coordinator) of "Ashiyana Camp".