Tuesday, November 06, 2012

(Reminder) An Appeal for the Victimc and IDP's of North Waziristan (Reminder)

Dear friends and members of Team Ashiyana.
اسلام و علیکم 

This is an urgent request fro mall of the friends and volunteer's / member's of Team Ashiyana that We need the following items urgently to save the humanty in North Waziristan,
1- Warm clothes (for both children and women) in all sizes (used  or    new),
2- Raw food stuff (in huge quantity),
3- Medicines (for fever and diseases of cold season)
4- Drinking water (In huge quantity) 

Dear all, 
We are already lend a lot of the thing on credit basis from Rawalpindi and Peshawar.
We don't have money or resources at the moment to get the things as above mentioned.

You are all requesting to give us a hand of courage with your help and assistance as soon as you could be.

May Almighty ALLAH gives you Ajr-e-Azeem for your efforts and aid - Ameen.

Jazak ALLAH Kher
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi
Member Team Ashiyana (North Waziristan)
Ashiyana Camp, Datta Khel, North Waziristan.

To contact us please use the following email's or visit us (if possible)


Or send us a text message:
+92 345 297 1618

Or for online help: 
Ms. Badar un Nissa.
A/c # 0100-34780-0.
United Bank Limited.
Gulistan e Joher Branch. (1921)
Karachi, Pakistan.
Swift Code: UNILPKKA