Sunday, July 15, 2012

Team Ashiyana "North Waziristan": Details of Funds, Amount, Donations, Collection etc

Dear Friends, Family member (s), Donor (s) and Readers,
Assalam O Alikum,

This is Ahmed (volunteer of Team Ashiyana from Islamabad).
I've assigned to update this blog and make contacts with our friends and family member's to update them about Team Ashiyana activities in North Waziristan.

Another group of friends (volunteer) has reached at Dattah Khail, North Waziristan with a few amount of relief goods:

The details of Funds, Goods and others: (As on July, 12th 2012)

Brofin - 50 bottles, Ponstan - 50 bottles, Panadol - 50 bottles, Calpol - 50 bottles, Mucain - 50 bottles, Ulsanic - 50 bottles, Flygel - 35 bottles, Flyzol - 15 bottles, Britanyl - 30 bottles, Metronidazol - 10 bottles, Liveract - 50 bottles, Augmenten - 25 bottles, Velosef - 25 bottles, Leaderplex - 25 bottles, Promethazine - 25 bottles
Ponstan Fort - 25 bottles, Marzine - 25 bottles, Amoxil - 35 bottles, Toot Siyah - 50 bottles, Banfasha Shehtoot - 50 bottles, Etc 50 bottles.
Purchased from Pak Medico's (Saddar) Rawalpindi.
Amount of Purchased : Rs. 10,000/= (Ten Thousands only)

Perasetamol, Panadol, Panadol Extra, Ponstan Fort, Gravinate, Marzine, Lomotive, Flygel, Bascopan, Metodine, D.F, Amoxil, Augmenton, Folic Acid, Trisil, Velosef, Cafcol,Surbex-z, Surbex-b, etc

Purchased from Pak Medico's (Saddar) Rawalpindi.
Amount of Purchased: Rs. 7,432/= (Seven Thousands & four hundred thirty two)

Other Medicines:

O.R.S, Peditral Water, Dexta Drip, Syringes, Injection for pain relief, multivitamins etc
Purchased from Pak Medico's (Saddar) Rawalpindi.
Amount of purchased: Rs. 5,000/= (Five Thousands Only) 

Food Stuff:
Rice - 250 kg, (50 x 250 = Rs. 12,500/=)

Flour (aata) - 200 kg, (35 x 200 = Rs. 7,000/=)

Beans (Dalain) - 100 kg, (Rs 6,000/=)

Sugar - 100 kg, (55 x 100 = Rs. 5,500)

Tea - 5 kg, (100 x 5 = Rs. 500/=)

Ghee - 25kg, (105 x 25 = Rs. 2,625/=)

Cooking oil - 15 kg, (100 x 15 = Rs. 1,500/=)

Salt - 5 kg, (25 x 5 = Rs. 125/=)

Spices (Masala Jaat) - 5 kg. (Rs. 2,400/=)

Milk - 5kg, (Rs. 1,040/=)

Others - Rs. 2,000/=
Purchased from local market of Rawalpindi
Total Purchased amount:Rs 41,190/= (Fourty one thousands, one hundred and ninty only)

General Items:
  • Plastic Sheets (to cover tents and incomplete Masjid and Madarsah at Datta Khail, North Waziristan, Prevent from rain water): 100 meter "(80 x 100 = Rs.  8,000/=).
  • Clothes for Children & Women (second hand "Lunda"): Rs. 5,000/=.
  •  Candles : Rs 2,000/=.
  • Match Box / Liter: Rs. 500/=.
  • Kerosene Oil: Rs. 1,000/=
  • Kerosene Lamp: Rs. 500/=
  • Biscuits, Wafers, Noddles etc: (Rs. 2,500/= Donated by a human).
  • Plates, Dishes, Cups, Mugs, Spoon etc: Rs. 2,000/=.
  • Cricket Bat, Hockey, Balls, Foot ball etc (donated by Al-hamza Public School, Peshawar).
  •  Book's (from class 2 to 10th): Donated by Ms. Mariya (Peshawar).
Amount of Purchased G.I: Rs. 19,000/= (Nineteen Thousands only)

Amount of Rs. 4,500/= (Four Thousands and five hundred) paid to Khan Goods Services (Rawalpindi). In account of transporation of Good from Rawalpindi to Dattah Khail, North Waziristan.

Amount of Cash Collected in Bheek Mission (Donation):
Karachi: Rs. 11,400/=
Lahore: 4,000/=
Rawalpindi / Islamabad: 5,850/=
Peshawar: 3,800/=
Total Amount:  Rs. 25,050/= (Twenty five thousands and fifty only)

Amount donated by members of Team Ashiyana:
Syeda Faryal Zehra: Rs. 20,000/= (Twenty Thousands)
Ms. Badar-un-Nissa: Rs. 5,000/= (Five Thousands)

Muhammad Asif: 3,000/= (Three Thousands)

Mansoor Ahmed: Rs. 5,000/= (Five Thousands)
Family of Adnan Bhai: 15,000/= (Fifteen Thousands)
Fesal Bhai: Rs 2500/= (Twenty Five Hundred)
Total Amount (Collected): Rs. 50,500/= (Fifty thousands and Five hundred)

Other Donation / Collection / Cash etc:
Bank Account: Nil (No any donation found as on 12th July 2012)
Cash Transfer: Nil (No any call for the transfer received at yet)

Total amount (Donation / Contribution):
Rs. 75,550/= (Seventy five thousands, five hundred and fifty only)
Amount of expense (Purchasing etc)

Rs. 87,122/= (Eighty one thousands, one hundred and twenty two)
Balance Amount:
Rs. 00.00/= (Nil)
Credit / Loan:
Rs. 11,572/= (Eleven thousands, five hundred and seventy two)

 The above mention details are as on July 15th, 2012.

Team Ashiyana is thankful for all of the brother & sisters for there efforts, donations and contribution. May ALLAH give them Ajr-e-Azeem - Ameen.

The amount of above mention are not good enough to run Medical camp (free), Food supply into 50 families (free), To built Masjid and Madarsah, To educate children of North Waziristan and for others social projects of Team Ashiyana. But it can help us to make our continue efforts for the poor, needy, sick people of North Waziristan. 

Team Ashiyana 'B' is on stand by at Pehshawer, Sister Faryal Zehra is not went Ashiyana Camp (North Waziristan) due to security clearence. as many of other members are waiting for the security clearance from the authorities.

We are thankful to the students of Quid-e-Azam International University (Isb), Al-hamza Public School (Peshawar), Ms. Badar-un-Nisa (Khi), Fesal bhai (Lhr) and other friends and volunteer for there work for the social cause of Team Ashiyana.
May ALLAH gives you Ajr-e-Azeem.

For the further details and other, please feel free to contact at:

or +92 345 297 1618 (for text and call)

All of friends are requesting to send us an email or text message if they are donating some thing or in term of transfer of any kind of the amount. It will help us to manage our financial details and accounts.  

Team Ashiyana
North Waziristan - Pakistan