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Team Ashiyana (Bheek Mission): Details of Donation, Contribution and Amount

Dear Brother And Sisters,
اسلام و علیکم 

Here's the details about the fund raising, donations and collected things during the Team Ashiyana, Bheek Mission in last days.
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi (Chief Volunteer) is in Peshawar for the bheek mission since last 3 days and taking part in the bheek mission.

Syrups: (Amount of Rs. 4000/=)
Tablets and Capsules: (Amount of Rs. 5540/=)
Oral suspensions:  (Amount of Rs. 2400/=)
Injections, Drip and other medicines: (Amount of Rs. 3000/=)

Food Stuff:
Flour      : 200kg 
Sugar      : 23kg
Rice        : 50kg
Beans     : 12kg
Salt         :5kg
Tea         : 1kg
Spices     : 150gm
Mineral Water: 1000liter 
Ghee and Oil (cooking) : 8kg
Clothes etc:
100 pair of clothes for children (used)
78 pairs of clothes for Women (used)
70 pairs of clothes for Men (used) 
20 pairs of shoes for children (used)
Mate for Namaz (Jaa e Namaaz): 50 (new)

Books etc:
Quran Karim: 50
Religious Books: 50
Copies: 25
Stationary etc

Amount Received as Cash collection:
Pak Rs. 7400/= (Seven Thousands, Four Hundred only) From Lahore.
Pak Rs. 5000/= (Five Thousands only) from Karachi.
Pak Rs. 4850/= (Four Thousands, eight hundred and fifty only) Rawalpindi.
Pak Rs. 5000/= (Five Thousands only) from Peshawar.                   
Total Amount: Rs. 22250/= (Twenty two thousands, Two hundred, fifty only

Amount Received in Bank A/C:
No new transaction has been found in the bank.
Current Balance is Pak Rs. 070/= (Seventy only)

We are thankful to our brother and sister from Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar for there efforts to collect the things and donation for Team Ashiyana.
May ALLAH accept our efforts and give us courage to do this kind of the work in proper manners. Aameen.

We (Volunteers of  Team Ashiyana) are also very thankful to the following for there contributions and help for us.
Ms. Badar Un Nisa, Ms. Faryal Zehra, Ms. Asma Hafeez, Ms. Talat, Ms. Nazneen, Mr. Mansoor, Mr. Zafar, Mr. Ali, Mr. Azam and all others friends and family members. May ALLAH gives you ajr e Azeem for your work - Aameen.

We (Team Ashiyana) are also thankful for our Friends for there donations and contact, which were very helpful for us in past.
Contriutor and our Donor of Past:
Abdullah Bhai (U.S), 
Bhai Hidden name (Qatar)
Bhai Hidden name (Qatar)
Javaid Aslam Bhai (U.S)
Nighat Baji (K.S.A)
Aslam Bhai (K.S.A)
Ghulam Sarwar Bhai (Germany)

Recent (last year donor's)
Ahmad Ali Bhai (Masqat)
Rabia Baji (France)
Umar Khan Bhai (U.K)
Umair Asif Bhai (Singapore)
Usman Bhatti Bhai (U.A.E)
Sultan Bhai (Azad Kashmir)
Rabia Baji (K.S.A)

We are also many thankful for the support of Local Administration of F.A.T.A (Federal Administrative Tribal Areas), Local Security Agencies, Police and Frontier Core, Medical Core of Pakistan Army and local Waziristani brother and sisters for there support and courage which is the cause we are still working in those areas. May ALLAH give all of the Ajr-e- Azeem, Aameen.

We are thankful for the call (at-least they are calling us to know our condition and situation) Official / Unofficial of NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority), Edhi Trust, Al-Huda Trust, Officials of some Media Group for there courage and prayers. May ALLAH gives all of them Ajr-e-Azeem, Ameen.

Dear Brother and sisters,
Whatever we are collecting during the bheek mission (small or large amount of things or money) are all very important for us. We are assuring you that every single penny will be distributed with all of justice into the deserving peoples of the said areas - Insha ALLAH.

Once again thank for your Prayers, Contributions, Donations and hand of courage to us. And we hoe for the same in the future, Insha ALLAH.

Jazak ALLAH Kher
On the behalf of Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi
Chief Volunteer,
Ashiyana Camp,
3km, Datta Khel, Miran Shah Road.
North Waziristan - Pakistan.

For the further details or contact:

Or call / text us at: +92 345 297 1618

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