Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Volunteer required (Urgently)

"بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم"

اسلام و علیکم

Assalam O Alikum,

With the name of ALLAH Almighty, who is most beneficial and merciful on us.

Team Ashiyana is volunteer working for the flood victims of Sindh. (Pakistan). The team is working under the supervision of Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi ( a social worker, working for the victims of earthquake, war on terror & flood since October 2005).

He has lost his sister and nephew in October Disaster at Islamabad. The working area is to supply medicines, clothes and food stuff to the victims.

Team Ashiyana is urgently looking for the volunteers for its Badin camp (Sindh).
The students who are enjoying there winter vacation, Teachers are on holidays. Doctors, Nurses, & Peramedic staff are highly appriciated to join us.

In Badin (Sindh - Pakistan) a lot of the children's and women are facing terrible issues after flood and with this clod weather. 

Person's who are wilingly to join our camp for the short term or long term duration please contact us on the given below:

S. Adnan Ali Naqvi: s_adnan_ali_naqvi@yahoo.ca
Syeda Faryal Zehra: faryal.zehra@gmail.com
Mohammad Nadeem: nadem.mohd@hotmail.com
or hit us with a message on given below:
+92 345 297 1618
+92 313 279 8085
+92 333 342 6031
+92 324 265 2046
May be anyone of our number will not accessible due to bad signal or electricity failure in this area. So, please leave your message we will contact you as soon as possible.
For visit our Relief camp please come at:
Ashiyana Camp - Badin Dadu Road. Indus Highway. Sindh.

Team Ashiyana is waiting for your earlier and permissive response.
Long Live Pakistan - Ameen!
جزاک الله
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi (Team Ashiyana Badin - Sindh)

To know Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi click here: