Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Urgently Reuired Items, for the flood victims in Badin, Sindh

With The Name Of ALLAH Almighty
Assalam O Alikum,

ALLAH who create us on his (ALLAH) name to spread ALLAH name around the world. To make humanity save, to live us with peace and brotherhood.

As you know the whole Sindh province is facing a lot of trouble from recent rainfall and flood. A hundred and thousands peoples displaced from there native villages, town & villages. Victims and refuges are still searching safe place to live with there families. A huge number of pregnant ladies and under age kids are still living in danger.
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Friends who are working only on the name of ALLAH for the victims of Earthquake, flood and war on terror since last many years is here in Sindh to work for the our brother, sister and children, as we strongly believe that these children are our future and we need to save the future of Pakistan in any condition.
The name of the team is announced as Team Ashiyana under the supervision of Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi, the team members already been announced and an appeal has been made in our last email and telephonic contact.

We know the work and working ability of our beloved government and agencies. With the sorry, our government can do a single work like “to wait a disaster then go to the world to ask help on the name of the victims and effected peoples.” Our government can’t do anything else or more then it. The work of our social agencies and respectable N.G.O’s is like an open book for everyone, what they have done in last years with the victims of earthquake, flood & war on terror. The only one institution in Pakistan can work rapidly, fast and make sure of there task is Pakistan Army. We wants to make salute to our brave soldiers as they are ready and able to do any given task.

Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Friends is the name of a social group. We are still working as a non-registered organization as we don’t have enough money to make happy related office to register as. All of our resources and funds are only for the victims of war on terror & we don’t want to use a single penny on any non related expense.

A huge social work for the Earthquake victims, Flood Effected Victims, Sawat, Bajour, Aurkazai Agency I.D.P’s and the victims of war on terror “North Waziristan” is on our credit which we are doing since last many years. In past years we have got many of the offers from National and international agencies, media organizations to make us bost or make us for there news. But as on the teaching of Islam, “Apna kam ese karo k ek hath se du tu dosre hath ko pata tak na lage” we are doing with all of our heart, mind and soul. We have faced many of the trouble in this journey, sever security issues, Taliban’s issues, law & enforcement agencies issue, always shortage of fundings, etc but ALLAH who gives us courage we did it & made it history for our younger’s.
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi who born and live in Karachi has went to Tribal areas in last years and now he came back in Karachi after 3 years and half. Here are a few words of Adnan’s for us.

“Mai aaj buhat years k baad Karachi aya hon. Paharon mai rehte rehte, bhook, eflas, aur tangdasti k sath apne victims bhai behnon k sath rehte rehte city ka life style taqreeban bhol chukka hon, shayad yahan jete kese hain ye bhi bhol chukka hon. Mai shayad yahan ata bhi nahi, mgr ALLAH Pak ne ek aur emtihan dia aur shayad ye emtihan ek dafa fir sirf Pakistani qouam ka he nahi balke pori Muslim umah k liye hai. Hum sabh mukhtalif halat mai apni zindagi basar karte hain mager, ALLAH Pak ne humari zindagi ka patren ek he banaya hai. Hum sab ko bhook lagti hai, piyas lagti hai, neend ati hai, jagna hota hai. Zindagi k karobar main masroof hona hota hai. Aur fir ek din bager kisi information k mar jana hota hai. Being a muslim, humara eman hai k hum sabh ko marne k bad apnea mal ka hisab dena hai, mager jabh tak mai Ashiyana camp mai that u mujh ko har lamha yeh fiker rehti thi k mera koi bhi amal kisi bhi tarhan se qabil e hisab na ho. Mager yahan ate hai meri ye fiker bhi jati rahi, ek nafsa nafsi ka alam hai. Jiss ko dekho shayad apne liye he ji raha hai. Kal raat kuch doston se milne ka etifaq howa, un k samne apni bat rakhi k Bhai, hum sindh mai moujood flood and rain victims k liye kuch emdad “Medicines & Mineral Water” ki sorat mai jama kar rahe hain tu tammam ehbab eke k kar k mazrat karte rahe. Ye etifaq bhi howa k kuch ehbab ko baad mai Piza hut ya kisi masroof resturent mai bhi dekha gaya, ALLAH Pak hum sab ko apni apni islah karne ke toufeeq ata farmae. Aur ese ehbab k dimag mai ye soch ata farmae k jo kuch humare pas hai wo hamara nahi hai balke ALLAH pak ka dia howa hai jis ka hisab bahar haal ALLAH Pak ko dena hai.

Mere wo sathi jo day  one se mer ath hain jin mai Mansoor Ahmed, Dr Kashan & Family, Syeda Faryal Zehra & Family, Badarunnisa Baji & family, mai aaj samjh sakta hon k jabh bhi mai enn se apne pas funds k kam hone ka kehta tha aur koi appeal karta tha kitni mushkilat ka samna karma parta hoga. Mujh ko Karachi city ki kisi bhi sarak, road, office, society k age khara ho kar bhek mangne mai koi etiraz nahi hai, mger afsoos yehi hai k humare wo bhai aur behnain jo buhat asani se humare kaam asakti hain wo bhi ese mouqa pe ek taraf chup ho kar bethe rehne mai he apni afiyat samjhte hain. Hum sabh hamesha se ALLAH par bharosa karte hain aur ese nazuk moqon per ALLAH par bharosa aur pukhta nazer ata hai k jo karma hai ALLAH Pak ne he karma hai. Mera yeah eman hai k ALLAH Pak ne jo karma tha kar dia, aaj ese halat ki zimedari humre oper hai, Hum he enn tammam nuksanat aur faidon ke zimedar hain jo aaj hum ko hasil ho rahe hain. Mai mazid kisi aur behes ya taqreer mai jate howe apne doston, family members, aur jahan jahan tak mera pegam puhanche un sabh se yehi appeal karon gaa aur bheek mangon kaa k museebat k ese mouqe per apne Sindh k bhaiun ko tanha na chore, Mai khud aur mere dost aaj yahan moujood hain, aur apni pori koshish kare ge k hum se apni zaat se job hi ho sakta hai kare, apne last experience ko samne rakhte howe jitney bhi victims ko sambhal sakte hain sambhale, aur agr humare etni sakat bhi na rahi tu hum in victims k sath khare zaroor honge k shayad enn ko sahara de kar chalne mai maddad he karsake. Hum yahan koi bari madad ke darkhwast nahi kar sakte na he koi essi apeeal k jis ko parh k log thoda sa afsoos kare aur bad mai bhol bhi jae. Hum aap se appeal karte hain k kam uz kam ek bottle mineral water, kuch biscuits, aur koi bhi ek medicin ager eke k sahib bhi hum ko dain tu hum buhat kuch jama kar sakte hain. Aur hum chahte bhi yehi hain k apne sindhi bhai behno ko saaf pani pilain, aur un k liye medicines ka entizam karain. Take ye log apni age ki manzil ki janib rawana ho sakain, aur sath kheriyat k wahan tak puhanch sake. Baqi tafseelat aap ko humare volunteer bhai aur behen bata sakte hain. Jazak ALLAH.”

Muhtram, the above message Adnan words. Which he said on last night on his speech with volunteer’s who are on the way for Badin.

Once again we are sending you a list of urgent required items for the flood victims. As per the requirement details as well as you can find the stock we have for the support of Ashiyana Team “Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Friends”.

List Of Urgent Required Item:

Food Stuff:
1.      Drinking Water “Fresh / Mineral”. Qty: Unlimited
2.      Dates “Khajoor”, Dry food”. Qty: Unlimited.
3.      Chawal (rice), Daal (beans), Sugar, Tea. Qty: Unlimited

1.      Disprin, Syp. Panadol Extra / CF, Ponstan, Calpol, Brufin, Septran and all kind of the medicines which can be use in a general medical camp as initial treatment. Qty: Unlimited.
2.      Mosquito netting, Mosquito repellant lotion, Coil, Soap, Match Box etc. “If Available”.

1.      Clothes new or used for any session, for all ages only for Women & Children.
2.      Shoes, Chapal, Sandal, for all ages, for men, women & children.

The item we have with Ashiyana team till Tuesday, September 13, 2011.
Drinking Water: 3150 Liter.
Biscuits: 100kg
Chips: 10kg
Mosquito Coil. 50 packets.

We have the medicines of Rs. 17,000/= (Seventeen thousands).

Muhtram, we have nothing at this time more then as mention at above. We know this is nothing but as per Adnan bro, it is enough to take a start for our relief efforts. ALLAH Pak gives us more courage and resources to spread our work, Ameen.

We are the team member of Ashiyana Team for relief of flood victims sindh, are requesting for all of you to give us your donation in the form of above mentioned we are not looking for the money, we are not asking for any kind of the financial help from you we wants stuff as much as you can supply us. Insha ALLAH your given donation will be divided into the victims of flood in Badin district without any kind of the self care.

The team of Ashiyana “Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Friends” is ready to work with any other social working group, N.G.O, individual or organization and we are available for any kind of the assistance as we have a long experience to deal with these kinds of the disasters.

Another appeal for the volunteer will be announced shortly as first we need to base us at any remote location in the effected areas.

Please contact with any of our volunteer at given number or email:
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi
Syeda Faryal Zehra
Mohammad Nadeem
Faisal Bhai +92 323 846 6089
+92 313 279 8085 / +92 333 342 6031

We and our friends are waiting for your help in any form.

Team Ashiyana for the relief efforts of flood & rain victims (Sindh)
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Friends.