Saturday, September 17, 2011

Flood Work out in Sindh "Team Ashiyana - Badin, Sindh)

Assalam O Alikum
Please find a few of the photo collection of our workout in Badin, Sindh as many of our friends, donors, contributor wants to know that what we are doing in the pictures.
Adnan and friends are not willingly to share there work by media share in any case but this is just because of the lack of funding, and donation.
May ALLAH help us, gives us courage, passion to be continue with our work in the same spirit.
Syed Adnan Ali Navi & Friends
Team Ashiyana: Relief efforts for the flood victims in Badin, Sindh.
+92 313 279 8085
+92 345 297 1618
+92 333 342 6031
+92 334 228 9783
Click here to see the picutres of our relef efforts