Saturday, August 06, 2011

Ramadan Kareem from Waziristan!

With the name of ALLAH Almighty

Assalam O Alikum,

May ALLAH except our Fast (Roza), Taraveeh & Prayers in the holy Month of the Ramadan, Ameen!

After about three week’s we’re back at Islamabad City & another team is in Peshawar City to collect the Clothes, Food Stuff, Medicines, and Raw Material & Funds.
The Hole Month of Ramadan is going on, in this month we pray to ALLAH Almighty to make him happy with us. As you know that we’re working for the victims of war on terror & flood efectees since last many year. Our locations are Waziristan, Malakand, Bajour & Noushehra (in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa).

We did try by our selves to make you aware and update with our work and the situation of these areas specially the condition of Victims and efectees. Some time we did it but many times we didn’t as we don’t have advance communication resources in these locations.

Our area of social work are to give immediate medical aid to sick and ill, specially pregnant women and children, to provide food the victims and efectees who are staying in Ashiyana Camp “Waziristan”, to provide temporary shelters & clothes to the victims.
We’ve also done with few of the marriage of orphan girls, Masjid & Madarsa project in these locations.

We have done all of these things with your contributions, help and aid which you’ve made by your self to give us Clothes, Medicines, Food stuff and money. On today our teams are in Islamabad & Peshawar to collect the things as we have mentioned as above. But before to proceeding further we would like to say Thanks and best wishes to our family and friends members about there huge contribution to make our efforts in the right direction. Although, we get many losses, many failure and many issues regarding. We there many things we have made are good enough for the victims with our limited resources.
As many times we write you that we are not looking for the name or fame, we are here and working with heart, mind and our soul only for the name of ALLAH Almighty and in the sack of humanity. We are in our best try to give our full attention and help to our beloved brother's and sister's to live them with peace, freedom and terror free. But, as we have very limited resources, limited way of action, limited team (as still we are not working as huge organization, as such we are not looking to be part of N.G.O games or others), we are just trying. We don’t wants to see the victims stay with us like beggars or selfish or hunger who are depending on aid. We are using many of the victims as volunteer with us is in the field of Teaching, Nursing, Pera-medics, Office worker & General Volunteers, As we can imagine our working capacity is so less and meaning less without the help of the whole community and members of the Ashiyana Camp.

We have done with a medical Camp in North Waziristan in last month that was the first medical camp in which we attend more then 3 thousands sick peoples suffering from several diseases (specially women & children's) Many of adult also came to us to discuses with there psychological issues but unfortunately we didn't had any Psychologist or counselor with us, at the same time a few of the members of our team tried to make them happy by themselves.

Here's is a few of the details of area of working and team and our daily requirements of Aid which we must need to be meet as soon as we could, and as you know it is not possible without your help and contribution.

Team of Ashiyana Camp (Waziristan)

• Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi (Camp Incharge)
• S. M. Rizvi (Camp Supervisor)
• S. Faryal Zehra (Incharge Food supply)
• Muhtashim Aamir (Incharge Medicines supply)
• Amer Ahmed (Incharge Clothes & Others supply)
• Shazia Khatoon (Incharge Administration)
• Bakhtawar Bibi (Volunteer / Teacher)
• Sana Bibi (Volunteer / Teacher)
• Fasial (Volunteer Paramedic)
• Khan Aslam (Volunteer Paramedic)
• Muhammad Nadeem (Volunteer)
• Faizan Mehsood (Volunteer / Qari Sahib)
• Rasool Bakhsh (Volunteer)
• Mehmood Shah (Volunteer)
• Huzefa Mehsood (Volunteer)
• Rakhshnda Bibi (Volunteer)
• Shaista Khan (Volunteer)

Camp Location
Datta Khel North Waziristan.

Victims & Efectees:
More than 800 Victims & efectees are in this camp, we are the responsible for there 2 – times food supply (Seher & Eftar in Ramadan). Medicines, Clothes and for other's.

Appeal & Request:
All of the family members and friends are requesting for the Zakat, Fitra, Sadqat & others.
We are also looking for old / new Clothes for all ages, Shoes, Bed sheet's, Food Stuff, Medicines etc.

We are requesting you to remember us in your prayers that May ALLAH Accept our work for the Victims and gives us more Courage, Success & Resources to continue with it with the same spirit, heart and mind, Ameen.

We are looking forward for you're an earlier and permissive reply and response.

For the further details of our Work, Donations, Contribution please contact anyone of them:
S. Faryal Zehra (
Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi (
Syed Ahmed (
Mansoor Ahmed (

Or call us at: +92 313 279 8085 / +92 333 342 6031 / +92 345 297 1618

Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Team
Ashiyana Camp, North Waziristan.