Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ashiyana Camp Waziristan (North) Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi Bheek Report!

With The Name Of ALLAH Almighty

Respected Bro,
                             Assalam O Alikum!

ALLAH who creates us for his name to who the universe that Human are more than other’s. Human who made to role on the world as according the rules of ALLAH Almighty.

Bro, You’ve have a lots of the emails and txt messages from us in which you can find always our appeals for the Funds, Stuff, Zakat, Firtan, Sadaqat etc, Yes we always keen to called you for the funds. As we are alone here, none here with us to share there thoughts, ideas or help us in our cause, but we are as usual on our way. Which we feel like the way towards Islam, they way to save humanity, the way to save Pakistan. But another hand we are quite unable to work as we want to be. And obviously this is just because of the short funding. But, we have another problems which called shortage of volunteer staff, in our last many e-mail’s and txt messages we called many time from our friends to come and join us as volunteer. We are not looking for any specific personality, nor does speciality, we always look human who know how to work for humanity and willingly to work for Humanity without the care of faith, language, cast and race. But, a very few of our friends contact with us and a very short number of the friends came here to join us.
Today, once again we are making a call for all of you to come and join Ashiyana Camp just for a few days of Eid Ul Fiter, spend your few of the movements with the Orphan kids, who wants to see the share in there life from all of us. Make them laugh, make them comfortable with your presence. We have currently 209 Orphan kids with us age from 2 years to 12 years. Many of them has been brought by the local as there’s no sign of there families, parents and guardian has found. We’re still looking for there families to keep them but still not success has found. Till the next arrangement they kids are the main parts of Ashiyana Camp, they are a life line for us. They are our heart, mind and soul. Everybody loves them a lot and for me they are my kids, they are my future I’m still thinking that if someone comes to us to bring them or claim that they are who belongs to the kid so what will be my reaction on that time. May ALLAH help me to keep my kids with me always and helps me to give them a true future as they deserve for.

Bro, you are requesting to come on your Eid holidays in the camp and stay with us as much as long you can. Feel our feelings, our thoughts and at that time when you go out from here you can say that you have expanded a good time in your life, I assure.

At the same time, Ashiyana have a huge load of the victims who want to live with us but we are quite unable to accommodate with us. As we are unable to supply proper food, medicines and clothes who are already living with us.

The list of the Item’s, funds and stuff we got from our Islamabad bheek Mission is as under:

Bheek Mission in Islamabad (From 20th August, 2011 till 23rd August 23, 2011)
Old & New (age from new born baby – 50 years) Qty:- 1700 + Suites.
Shoes: Old (age from 2 years – 30 years) Qty:- 300 pairs.
Bed Sheet’s: Qty: - 25 sheets.
Simple pieces of the clothes: Qty:- about 20 meters (only for ladies)

Food Stuff:
Rice: 500kg, Flour (Atta): 2000kg, Beans (mix): 180kg, Sugar: 300kg, Ghee & Oil: 150kg (in packages), Salt: 50kg, Spices (mix) 85 packets, Milk Powder: 20kg (in packages), Biscuits & Wafers (mix): 100 pack’s, & a Filter (local) for water filtering).

Syrups for Fever, Cough, Cold, Diarrhea & Food Poison (mix): 200 bottles.
Syrups (mix Anti-biotic): 174 bottles.
Capsules & Tablets (mix & anti-biotic): 200 strips “300 in number”.
Drip sets, Injection & Ampoules (mix):500 in number.

Funds through Cash / Bank A/c:
·        We’d received amount of Rs. 43,000/= (Fourty three thousands only) in our beehk mission from the street’s of Islamabad / Rawalpindi.

·        No new transaction or donation has found in our bank a/c as following; (balance “Rs. 540/= only” at on 22nd August 2011)
Ms. Badar un Nissa.
A/c # 0100-34780-0.
United Bank Limited.
Gulistan e Joher Branch. (1921)
Karachi, Pakistan.
Swift Code: UNILPKKA

We’re thankful for a group of the students of Quid e Azam International University, Islamabad. Students of Federal Government College, Islamabad, Mr. Tanveer Ahmed (Isb), Ms. Shaista (Isb) for there hospitality, worked as volunteer with us and for help us into purchasing, packing and loading the stuff.

We’re also thankful Farhan Ahmed Bhai (teacher from, Szabist - Karachi) who also visit us at Imam Bari Mazar and help us into packing, purchasing and for his donation in the form of amount & medicines. “He’s also going with us to take a short visit of Ashiyana Camp, Waziristan.

We are also thankful to all of the brother’s & sister’s from the twins city (Islamabad – Rawalpindi) to make trust on us, for there kindness, there donation’s, and time which they spend with us. We are also thankful to the management of Imam Bari mazar for given us space to stay at night time. And we’re all, (including Ashiyana camp) praying for them that ALLAH Almighty give them health, wealth and rest of peace in there lives, Ameen.

Bro, the amount of stuff or money we received from these cities are not good enough for us as our demands are higher then our supply. We did many contact in these days with the Government official’s, Different N.G.O’s, Host & Anchor Person’s of different media groups (not to cover us as top story or make us famous into the world but to give there hand of courage for our Ashiyana Camp) but didn’t find any positive response from them. May ALLAH give them courage and mind to think about those who deserves for it.

For any contact, quries, suggestion, or donation please contact at on the following;

For call or text messages :- +92 333 342 6031 / +92 334 228 9783 / +92 313 279 8085.

Or visit our camp: Ashiyana Camp, Dattakhel Road. Waziristan (North). Pakistan.

With the pray that May ALLAH accept our work and give us the strength to solve all of the issues with courage and passion, Ameen!

Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Team
Ashiyana Camp,
Waziristan (North)