Monday, December 13, 2010

Noshehra / Waziristan. "Work Report)

With the name of ALLAH Almighty

Assalam O Alikum,

ALLAH who is the most beneficial and merciful on us. We are glade to be here and work with the IDP’s of Waziristan and Victims of the flood since last many months. We have had many friends with us during this period and few of new are about to join us. May ALLAH gives them Ajr-e-azeem for there work and passion, Ameen.

We are writing a short detail about our working of the last month (November-2010).

Detail of the Donation (Received) In the month of November - 2010:
·        Warm Clothes (For all ages): About 1700 suites (new & old) received from 
                                                        Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawer &   

·        Food Items: Rice, Flour, Sugar, Tea, Spices, Beans (Daal’s) etc,
                           Worth of Rs. 23,000/=

·        Medicines: For cough, cold, fever, antibiotics etc, Worth of Rs. 8,000/=

·        Raw Item: Biscuits, Chips wafers etc (2- cartons).

·        In Cash: Rs. 7,000/= from Lahore, Rs. 2,800/= from Islamabad,
                           Rs. 5050/= from Karachi.

Details of the distribution for the funds:
·        Warm Clothes: All of 1700 + suites has been distributed into the Victims of flood is in the area of Noshehra, Chaharsada, about 800 suites have been distributed into the children’s from 2 years to 13 years. (We’re unable to distribute warm clothes into the IDP’s of Waziristan due to shortage of the funds)

·        Food Stock: We are using our food collection and stock for our daily 2-times regular food supply is in the camp of Noshehra & Waziristan.

·        Medicines: The collections of medicines are very less then our requirements. May ALLAH Help us for the batter treatment of these peoples, Ameen.

·        Raw Item: Distributed into the Orphan’s, handicap kids in Noshehra, Chaharsada & Waziristan.

·        Cash:  We are using our cash funds for the purchasing, Medicines and warm clothes to insure the life of the victims who don’t have warm clothes or medicines to save there life.

Note for the team:
We are in try from our best to accommodate the victims of the flood. Everyone is well aware with the role of NGO’s and Govt Organisations in these area’s. AL HAMD UL ALLAH, we have done many of the things instead of the other’s regular organizatons, but might we are facing many of the issues regarding security, shortage of the funds etc.
We are very thanksful to our family members and friends that they are whosiong there interest in our peace work. And in pray that May ALLAH give them Ajr-e-azeem for there work, donations and courage them for the more, Ameen.

Syed Adnan Ali Naqvi & Friends Group
Ashiyana Camp, Noshehra & Waziristan.

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